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Update by user Oct 25, 2013

Pissed Consumer asked me to update my complaint against Elk Grove Subaru to see if they actually ever did anything about the problem. Well, here it is...NOTHING!

They completely ignored the problem, and have been cut as my dealer. I'm taking my car to others for all service, parts, referrals to friends, and any and all business. When they tried to tell me that my iPod might have a newer firmware version than the car's "hands free" system supports, I asked when Subaru might be updating the car's software to accommodate newer devices. They told me, "There are no updates planned at this time." That means NEVER!

in plain English, by the way. The way I fixed the problem completely on my own was to get the car to "forget" my phone. Simply erasing my phone from the list, and re-registering it with the car's hands-free system wasn't working because the car's computer still maintains some sort of electronic record of your device, and recognizes it when you try to re-register it. After the newest operating system came out for the iPhone, (OS 7), I downloaded it, erased my iPhone from the list, and re-registered it with the car's hands-free system.

It worked! The phone works fine now, except that it still mutes the phone when I try to use it as an iPod. Luckily, there are several work arounds to compensate for Subaru's incompetence and laziness. You can hook the iPod up through the audio plug in the center console and it works.

DO NOT attempt to link newer iPods to the Hands Free system. If there is more than 1 device on the "list" of registered devices, the system will lock up again and you may have to wait till OS 8 comes out to get a fix. (That's why Subaru calls it a "list". Because you can have only 1 device on it.) I can also now use my iPhone as an iPod when it's registered as a phone, and bluetooth is turned on.

If you have another device in the car that has bluetooth turned on, or plugged into the center console, the muting problem comes back until you unplug it, or shut it off completely. I'm certain that the reason this fix actually works now has nothing to do with Subaru, or their handicapped car audio team. I think it may have more to do with Apple's new OS 7. All I can be certain of, is Subaru's unwillingness to address the problem, or to give decent customer service.

Oh yeah, 1 more thing.

That I now know more about their own hands-free system than does Elk Grove Subaru's service department. Good luck!

Original review posted by user Sep 23, 2013

I'vI went into Elk Grove Subaru today and got nowhere. All I got was the run around from the Service manager, Kurtis Klima.

He told me to make an appointment and come back later. I've already tried that, twice. Gavin McPoil, the Salesman who sold me the car, was supposed to set up something for me and never did, and then never returned my phone call, the second time I called back to find out what happened. Kurtis told me that if I came in earlier, he could have had a technician available to handle it.

Serious?! How many times do I have to call to get service from a service dept?! Elk Grove Subaru seems a lot more interested in cutting the budget than providing good customer service. Who sends home the technician at 2pm.

on a Monday? I also now have a tire that keep's going flat. I checked it out thoroughly, and there is no puncture in it. Kurtis had the nerve to tell me it's gotta be some problem I caused, and to take it to "Les Schwab".

I've had it. I've been working on my own cars for over 30 yrs. I don't appreciate getting brushed off like that, and I'm tired of waiting. I'm not driving the 100+ miles from Tahoe again, especially after calling twice, & getting nowhere, only to be told I should have called.

What an insult. I'm filing a complaint against Elk Grove Subaru with National Headquarters in New Jersey. My time and 200+ miles on my new Forester is not for wasting.

After spending $27,000 on the car only 2 months ago, now that the check's been cashed, I can't even get a call back. I have to drive home with some kind of tire problem.

Monetary Loss: $50.

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