Arlington Heights, Illinois
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Subaru sold me a car that they knew had a design flaw i.e. leaking head gaskets.

Why wasn't this a recall in the first place? The dealer has quoted a repair of over $ only over 80K miles. I had the pleasure of being spoken over by Art, a customer service representative at Subaru of America corporate who thought he was doing me a big favor by offering $500 towards the repair of their flaw. I have been loyal to this company, and my dealership, paying a premium to have them do all of my required maintenance.

We are even a two Subaru family. Based on this negative experience, I get to decide whether or not I'll repair this lemon, sell it, or move on to a better rated auto. Art fed me all kinds of scripted corporate lines to try to convince me that he was doing me a huge favor by offering me minimal compensation for their known flaw. I was told over and over about how I have been a good customer, but in the end he/Subaru certainly let me know that I wasn't all that important to them.

I get it. I'm not that important, but hey Subaru, don't *** on my feet and tell me its raining. It was insulting (I don't know how many times he tried to give me the "but its an eleven year old car" nonsense. It is a garage-kept, well-maintained car with only 80K miles...should have lasted me longer than that before their design flaw showed up).

Maybe Subaru should also teach their male customer service people how to speak with customers, especially women. Awful and disappointing experience from a company I thought was better.

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