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I’m driving up in the mountains when my 2013 ,with 58,000 ,Outback’s engine light, brake light and other lights go on. We stop at Groove Subaru for repairs which can’t be done that day and rent a car there.

In the mean time my wife buys a new 2019 Outback in the show room.

Next day I go back to pick up both cars with my nephew pay $1200 for the 2013 and a check for $42,000 for the new car!

10 days later the 2019’s transition goes out with 142 miles I have it towed to the dealership for $273 after spending an hour on the phone with Subaru C/S they have it for about 2 weeks and deliver it to us.

Chapter 2

The 2013 light go back on 8 days ago I have it towed for $285 and the 2019 is leaking , we think transition fluid. The dealer calls telling me the 2013 needs parts for $2100 for the same problem!!!

Waiting for answers from Silverthorne Groove Subaru!

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $45.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Subaru Of America Pros: Questioning my decision to purchase.

Subaru Of America Cons: Having to complain to get any service.

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