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I have had this Subaru since 2015. I bought it from my sister. We both know exactly where this Subaru has been parked, serviced, etc.

Well on 10/5/18 I was driving my Subaru on STATE HWY 71 in Austin Texas on a busy Friday afternoon. While I was in the center lane my Subaru quit

working, all lights, engine went off, etc. I was stranded in the middle lane of a major highway with NO way to pull of to the side. No warning light came on. I was lucky because after 15 minutes of cars zooming by a UPS 18 wheeler came by and assisted me off the rode on the left side. The police took 20 minutes to get there. Cars were nearly missing me and about to wreck with each other.

Wrecker finally got there after police and was towed to Subaru Austin. IT was there they told me rodents had eating the wires causing this problem

with the electrical. The bill was $1200.00 +. I could not believe what I was hearing until I googled the wiring problem SUBARU is known for.

They said it appeared my car had been worked on before (which I know

for a fact it had NOT been anywhere but SUBARU AUSTIN. The wiring in It attracts

rodents because it is insulated with some soy based cheap insulation. Here they are giving the customer the impression this car is safe when

it is NOT. READ other complaints about this problem. SUBARU will not

correct their problem or pay for any repairs. MORAL OF STORY - THIS VEHICLE CAN SHUT DOWN WITH NO WARNING ANYTIME. I called SUBARU Corporate Office and they passed the buck to the towing division which ALINA never returned my call. I think SUBARU should have paid the bill and recall this issue but I guess they need to make them as cheap as possible not giving a concern about safety. MY car had less than 59,000 miles on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2010 Subaru Of America Forester Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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