I purchased a 2014 Outback Limited (new) in July 2014 at local NJ dealer. This is my third Subaru, all serviced at the same dealer.

In March of 2015 after a snowstorm and freezing temps, it sounded like ice was sliding across roof while driving, checked, found no ice on roof. After temps reached above freezing, got in the car and found huge puddle in center console, obviously the sliding ice sound was from ice somewhere between roof and headliner due to a leak. The service dept. kept the car for several days to find leak and eventually fix, but the headliner was badly stained from water leakage.

They agreed to order a new headliner only after I brought the stain to their attention. After new headliner was installed the interior ceiling light by the tailgate kept falling out. Service ordered new clips for the light and replaced it at least twice, but still the light continued to fall out. The service manager finally determined that the headliner did not fit properly and ordered another new one.

After the second new headliner was installed, the light did not fall out again. Recently (Labor Day 2017) another leak occurred! Service said the sunroof drain was not positioned correctly and was clogged. Was that connected to the installation of the new headliner?

I think so. Now I'm trying to do a trade deal with the same dealer. Their first trade offer was low as they presented me a Car Fax report that showed the history of the leak! Huh?

If they wanted the car fax, they just had to check with their own service dept. (this is not a huge dealership). After demonstrating how upset I was, they agreed that they would give me fair trade in value, (which I still think is low compared to KBB) but said they would not be able to re-sell the car retail because of the leak history. Not my problem, I say.

They keep saying they want to work with me and make things right, blah, blah.

The Car Fax thing really turned me off and of course the bottom line is dollars, not Customer loyalty. Thinking of walking away from Subaru now.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car Repair.

Reason of review: Reliable warranty.

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