2016 Subaru Of America Outback Car Reviews

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I am now officially Sans Vehicle, Subaru recalled my new Outback and it is sitting at the dealer waiting for parts. The dealer had no loaner cars available and told me they were unable to arrange for a rental. Manchester Subaru told me that if I wanted to I could go ahead and drive the car but it would be at my own risk. I was not about to do that. I suggested that perhaps because my vehicle was less than two weeks old that they would...
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2016 Subaru Outback purchased in December, 2015. Immediately, I had a problem with speaker rumble. The car was brought in for maintenance, and they confirmed the problem. The parts were ordered and I returned again to have a door speaker replaced. Four months after purchase, the car/phone interface became unusable. I brought the car into maintenance, and they determined that the microphone had failed and again ordered the parts. I returned to...
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  • People were helpful
  • Auto all wheel drive
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  • Inferior parts