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I recently got a 2018 Subaru Legacy 2.5Ltd. I also don't drive very much and had left the car in its parking spot for about 4 days.

I went to start the car and it didn't. The battery had drained so much that not even the power lock would release. I had to open the car door, using the emergency manual key, so I could get the hood opened. I was fortunate that I have a portable battery jump starter, which saved me hours of waiting to get Subaru road assistance.

The car started, but then windows (opening) required programming. I thought this was strange that a new car would need to be jump started. Car was left alone for another 4 days, and (you guessed it), the battery was drained again and I needed to jump start it. This time I called Subaru road assistance (waited about 2 hrs) and it was jump started.

I called the Subaru dealer, brought the car to them, which they checked and this was the Service Manager solution: "Nothing wrong was found, Battery checked, Alternator.

This car needs to be driven every day. It has electronics which will drain the battery if not driven. I would recommend you install a trickle charger". I filed a complaint with Subaru Customer Service.

Their response was the same quote I received from the Dealer Service Manager.

I am very disappointed with this vehicle and will pursue a Lemon Law complaint or sale to a private owner.

(my mileage on this car is 109 miles. all of it from going back and forth to the dealer, which I will not recommend to anyone)

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Subaru Of America Legacy Car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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