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About 3 years into owning this '99 Forester, the illumination for my gear shifting column between the front seats went out. Cost to repair was prohibitive, so I leaned to deal with it. About 2 years ago, the LED clock above the mirror went out. Cost to repair $180, so I decided to live without a clock. Last Friday, the LED that illuminates the gas gauge, speedometer and odometer went out. Now I have to periodically turn on the cabin light to see how fast I'm driving, how much gasoline I have and how many miles I've driven. What's next?

This is ridiculous!

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Repair.

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i have a 2000 forester w/90000 miles on it .owned it 10 years, always serviced by dealers in the area im in.only *** is (1) clock, (3) rear wheelbearings and that useless cupholderon the dash!looking for service in the metro east area of st louis,mo. NO! its not for sale!


All the lights you mentioned are not LEDs but just small light bubs which can be replaced yourself! I have replaced them on my own Forester. ALL light bulbs eventually burn out and you're talking about a 1999 model year.

The LED clock normally lasts for many years. Mine seemed to quit also, but then I pushed harder on the left-hand button and it came back on. Over time, dirt, moisture, and corrosion occurs under the button...just push hard on it and it will come back on.

If you have a 1999 car in 2008 and those are the worst things you can complain about, you got a GREAT car!