It's not often a consumer or customer can experience complete mechanical failure awhile having a pleasurable experience... One would think it's an oxymoron!

I bought a 2018 Subaru Forester brand new.

I had no issues with the car until about 41,000 miles. It was at this time when I started to experience a tapping sound from the engine compartment. I was uncertain if it was an exhaust leak or if the valves tapping. I checked the oil only to find that the oil was clean and was at proper capacity.

The sound would come and go. I contacted Subaru of Morristown New Jersey upon discovering this issue, to schedule an appointment on a Monday. Appointment was set for that Friday. By Thursday morning, on my way to work, The sound came back.

This occurred on my last quarter mile to work. Sound was followed by a loud bang and grinding sound. The car stalled. This came without any warning or lights...

I attempted to restart my car only to find it knocking and sputtering followed by white smoke coming out the exhaust.

Needless to say, the car had to be towed. The car was towed to Paul Miller Subaru. The service department sent me a shuttle to pick me up from work later that day and take me to their facility for a loaner car. The staff was very helpful and very polite.

They put me in a brand new 2019 Subaru Forester Sport for a loaner! Nice car!

Subaru engineers came to look and assess my vehicle's occurance. Joe in service updated me on a regular basis and kept me abreast of the findings and issues. I didn't have use of my car for about 4 weeks!

It was found that there was a defective bearing that lead to complete engine failure!

It was found to be a manufacturer's defect. The engine was replaced with a brand new one!

As unfortunate and disappointing as it was, Subaru Inc. and Paul Miller Subaru made an unfortunate experience awesome!

Subaru stood behind their product and Paul Miller Subaru gave me awesome service! I was made to feel like a valuable customer despite not purchasing my car from Paul Miller Subaru.

This is my first Subaru, but it will not be my last!

Thank you Subaru Inc.!

Thank you Paul Miller Subaru of NJ!

Scott Aitkens

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Subaru Of America Forester Car.

Reason of review: Good customer service.

Subaru Of America Pros: Great customer service and warranty support.

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