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Who thought this one up? The factory installed remote starter for my 2014 Forester shuts the engine off when you open the door which means that every time you use the remote starter you'll be starting the car twice.

You also cannot program out the horn that beeps twice every time you use the remote starter. Let me tell you - my neighbors and their dogs really appreciate this at 5:30 AM, the time I leave for work!!!! I have had a number of remote starters in previous vehicles that have had the horn beep substituted with parking lights and an engine-kill when you step on the brake so I thought this one could be programed as well. Guess not.

Subaru customer service registered my complaint but will do nothing.

So I'll be out another $300-$400 as I rip out the factory installed system and replace it with an "after market" version that will do what I want. I'm NOT happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I got it burnt too with for a 2017 impreza remote start, I'm getting it removed, and refund, documentation shows that is possible, but the dealers and subaru don't give a ......, shutting down when opening any door.


Hello. We also have a Subaru remote starter and simply love it.

1) it works over 100 yards away. 2) it turns off when the door is to opened to prevent a thief from getting in and driving away your car (it also turns off in ~15-20 minutes - to ensure you haven't forgotten and prevents the engine from idling too long).

I have the 'dealer installed' version of Subaru remote start. I am told there is no difference between factory / pre-dealer or dealer installed I am not discounting your complaints, only providing our perspective on a terrific car with outstanding safety and convenience options available at a price far below what you would pay for a comperably configured vehicle (if you could find one that includes; EyeSight, Rear Automatic Braking, front and rear crosstraffic alert & emergency stop, adaptive cruise, and total collision avoidance) - and of course remote start.


Yes - absolutely worthless as designed. I tell everyone it is the worst feature of the car.

People can't believe it works this way (or I should say DOESN'T work) ! Also, it can't be activated unless you are within 60 yds looking at the car.

Not being able to start the car from within a building or store is what people need. I hate it ...


Same issue! who designs this system??


Not to mention lets say u started stoped your vehicle to many times and your starting system is on the fritz* and ur in the middle of alaska and now your trapped cause the remote start “saftey” feature caused premature wear to your starting components of your engine. Not to mention other things that can happen to your engine starting and stoping it all the time.


Agreed, I have the same problem, not to mention that suburu will not admit it causes damages to my engine stoping and restarting it.

Custer, South Dakota, United States #1354891

Ridiculous! And the purport to "love dogs." Well, mine will either freeze to death or die from heat because this ridiculous "feature" sucks.

And I've owned a Subaru since '99.

Some retard put this in place. And for what?

to Mike #1433530

No damage is being caused....

to Scooby #1527964

and you would know??


agree 100%

Beaverton, Oregon, United States #1292390

Im not sure why Subaru wont make it as an switchable option somewhere in the radio controls. They can default them as on from the factory to Cover their a$$.

My 02 impala had more features i could turn off or on if i wanted and i liked that.

Its my car and i should be able to make changes as i want to suit my needs.

i noticed that the new? Subis have alot of things that are not switchable by the user, but you need to go back to the dealer to activate, deactivate or change.

to new subi owner #1293869

Factory defaulting something to "on" is not nearly enough to keep the lawyers away. Use your head. Even the most retarded lawyer is going to take about 15 seconds to realize that a winning strategy will be to argue that a previous (unknown) driver turned off some annoying reminder that might have stopped his client from doing something clueless.

Lewiston, New York, United States #1284507

i have a 2016 remote start.

it is just back !

works sometimes not other times unless i am a few feet away.

(so out in the cold !!)

to Richard #1425927

Woolwich...same problems. Great car, rotten remote starter...

Canandaigua, New York, United States #1268460

I thought this remote starter issue was something that was her main to our 2017 outback. Chrysler has remote start systems that work just fine allowing you to start, open doors and get in with engine running.

Just insert the key and turn to run and be on your way.

This Subaru remote is an accessory I will never buy again unless they fix this door open/engine shut off thing. I guess I'll just have to replace the starter sooner.

to Anonymous #1609780

I've a 2012 Chrysler product (Jeep) that won't start if gas is low or if check engine light is on or if the back gate door is slightly ajar but still locked. My remote starter for my Chrysler Remote actual ruined my ignition switch, which had to be replaced - go figure so ALL type of problem with all systems I'm told by very trust worthy mechanic.

Horn doesn't concern me nor does the shut off on entry so I will certainly install / buy this option. I can park / start less than a few yards away so the concerns I'm seeing aren't valid for me. I'll only use it occasionally on Long Island on days below 30*.

It's not going kill a starter over that and no mechanical ignition switch to break so I'm fine with it. the WRX motor and manual option on the XT Forrester is way more fun then that 2012 Wrangler I still own.


We just installed one in my Impreza turn it on goes off when opening door. *** having to start car twice.

My husband didn't think he would have to ask if it goes off.

We have had others in cars and stays on when opening the car door. What a wate of money.

Coogee, New South Wales, Australia #1253566

My latest ford also has a lot of really annoying "features" like this, some of which make no sense at all, others are just bizarre. Talking to a dealer about it, he informed me that it was because my model is now sold in north America where the previous models were not, and so all of this stuff needs to be incorporated to a level that the manufacturer considers adequate to fend off any legal problems.

In other words, Americans go through life looking for opportunities to sue, so car makers selling into that market need to cover themselves no matter how annoying the resulting car becomes. Sounds reasonable I guess.


I want my cars theft deterrent to work like a normal one. Car shuts off when the brake is pushed, not when I open the door.


To be fair, my 2012 Mazda3 also turned off when you opened the door. Seems to be a feature that manufacturers really like for some reason. Don't get me wrong, I agree that it sucks; just pointing out that it's not just Subaru.

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