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Who thought this one up? The factory installed remote starter for my 2014 Forester shuts the engine off when you open the door which means that every time you use the remote starter you'll be starting the car twice.

You also cannot program out the horn that beeps twice every time you use the remote starter. Let me tell you - my neighbors and their dogs really appreciate this at 5:30 AM, the time I leave for work!!!! I have had a number of remote starters in previous vehicles that have had the horn beep substituted with parking lights and an engine-kill when you step on the brake so I thought this one could be programed as well. Guess not.

Subaru customer service registered my complaint but will do nothing.

So I'll be out another $300-$400 as I rip out the factory installed system and replace it with an "after market" version that will do what I want. I'm NOT happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I've a 2012 Chrysler product (Jeep) that won't start if gas is low or if check engine light is on or if the back gate door is slightly ajar but still locked. My remote starter for my Chrysler Remote actual ruined my ignition switch, which had to be replaced - go figure so ALL type of problem with all systems I'm told by very trust worthy mechanic.

Horn doesn't concern me nor does the shut off on entry so I will certainly install / buy this option. I can park / start less than a few yards away so the concerns I'm seeing aren't valid for me. I'll only use it occasionally on Long Island on days below 30*.

It's not going kill a starter over that and no mechanical ignition switch to break so I'm fine with it. the WRX motor and manual option on the XT Forrester is way more fun then that 2012 Wrangler I still own.


We just installed one in my Impreza turn it on goes off when opening door. *** having to start car twice.

My husband didn't think he would have to ask if it goes off.

We have had others in cars and stays on when opening the car door. What a wate of money.


My latest ford also has a lot of really annoying "features" like this, some of which make no sense at all, others are just bizarre. Talking to a dealer about it, he informed me that it was because my model is now sold in north America where the previous models were not, and so all of this stuff needs to be incorporated to a level that the manufacturer considers adequate to fend off any legal problems.

In other words, Americans go through life looking for opportunities to sue, so car makers selling into that market need to cover themselves no matter how annoying the resulting car becomes. Sounds reasonable I guess.


I want my cars theft deterrent to work like a normal one. Car shuts off when the brake is pushed, not when I open the door.


To be fair, my 2012 Mazda3 also turned off when you opened the door. Seems to be a feature that manufacturers really like for some reason. Don't get me wrong, I agree that it sucks; just pointing out that it's not just Subaru.


I have a 2012 Legacy and the remote car starter only worked on winter and when it did it was a joke. I should of opt out of it when I found out that the car starter shuts with opening the door and you have to be really close to start the car.

When I went to for the recall of the remote car starter they said I was fine but would cost me $75 to do an analysis on my car to figure out why the remote car starter does not work. Not worth getting it fixed.


Yes, it is a waste of money.


Should only shut off if brake is applied. (Before you shift tranny) Hmmmm.....


How is someone going to steal your car with the ignition still locked? Sounds like a theft deterrent that should only apply to push button start vehicles


Why would the door be unlocked? You still need to be close enough with the fob to unlock it. the thief would have to bust open the car


just so you know the reason it shuts off is a theft deterrent.


My chevy, 10 years old has remote start and you can not do anything with the vehicle if it is remote started until you get in and turn the key. The heat will be on (for instance) but you can't change the setting, open a window, put the car in gear, turn the steering wheel, etc. This is a pitiful excuse for a remote start system.


I also bought a 2016 Subaru Forester and the remote starter is a joke. I have to almost get near the car to start it.

This is truly ridiculous. I want to star it before I come home because of weather and long commute, I have given up on it.


This remote start it's really sucks


I'm not real keen on the car shutting off when you open the door either, but I can live with it to have a warm car when it's -25 windchill here in WI. What I find interesting in these posts is the complaints about the range...

I just had mine installed on a 2013 Outback a few weeks ago and I've had no problem with the range. I can start it from my office when my car is in a parking lot across the street. I'm on the 10th floor, so it's a clear shot, but I'm quite a ways away. The really odd one yesterday was that I parked a full block away - on the other side of 5 greenhouses and forgot and tried to start it.

(couldn't even see the parking lot). It blinked at me 3 times to tell me that it had not made the connection to start the car and then did not continue to blink so I assumed it was not running. When I got to my car however, it WAS running!! Has anyone else ever had this happen?

The car was a block away behind several buildings. I was shocked that it was running.

Especially since the feedback on the FOB said that it wasn't. Just curious if that ever happened to anyone else.


I have a 2015 outback and agree the remote start is ridiculous. I have to be within 50 feet for it to work, then when I raise the hatchback the engine quits and either the heat or cool air is gone by the time I've loaded my groceries.

Poor design!!!

I emailed the company and they responded they appreciate the input. Total waste of money I never use the remote start


And, I have insurance if my vehicle is stolen and an alarm...I do not need a weird additional safety feature that was not explained, that wears out the starter.

On a side note, I love my Subaru...but this one optional feature is pretty lame.


Does not wear the starter out


"Waaambulance?" This is ridiculous and you are incorrect. My last starter also beeped, and they WERE able to turn that function off. Also, it is a $595 autostarter...very highly priced.


I completely agree! Both functions are completely ridiculous.