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Who thought this one up? The factory installed remote starter for my 2014 Forester shuts the engine off when you open the door which means that every time you use the remote starter you'll be starting the car twice.

You also cannot program out the horn that beeps twice every time you use the remote starter. Let me tell you - my neighbors and their dogs really appreciate this at 5:30 AM, the time I leave for work!!!! I have had a number of remote starters in previous vehicles that have had the horn beep substituted with parking lights and an engine-kill when you step on the brake so I thought this one could be programed as well. Guess not.

Subaru customer service registered my complaint but will do nothing.

So I'll be out another $300-$400 as I rip out the factory installed system and replace it with an "after market" version that will do what I want. I'm NOT happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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I agree. Paid big bucks for goofy remote.

Have to about 50 ft near the car to work.

Of course I wasnt told this when I paid to have it installed. What a crock!!!


I understand the complaints about the autostart feature. I just bought a 2017 Legacy that came with the autostart feature and thought it a little odd the motor shuts down when you open the door.

I'm ok with that, because where I live it gets to 140 degrees in the vehicle. I can at least touch the steering wheel when I get in.

I have a different question. Does anyone know how to remarry the automatic start controller back to the car? My controller blinks, but no longer starts the car.

My wife's controller works fine. It's less than 2 months old.

I read somewhere, you can put in service mode, to temporarily disable it (this is for the mechanics safety) and then re-enable it when the mechanic is through working on the engine. I'd like to try this before I make a 2 hour drive back to the dealership.

Thanks, in advance


Push the lock button "once, twice".


Do you need me to call the waaambulance for you?

Show me ANY factory/OEM remote start that lets you customize the features like an aftermarket unit... There are none that I know of!

Most OEM systems only allow changes in runtime, done by the service tech's computer.

Regarding the engine shutting off when you open a door: safety feature. Again, most OEM units are going to that.

Don't blame them, blame the litigious society we live in.


My Jeep lets me have and program many options and I can open the doors without it killing the engine. I don't need a separate key fob, these complaints are enough to not want to purchase a new Subaru


Absolutely false. Not a safety feature, not a theft deferent. As I said in another reply, on my 10 year old chevy truck the doors can be opened and closed (when you unlock it) but you can not do anything such as driving the car, putting it in gear, opening windows, even tuning the radio.


Agreed, Subaru remote start system is nonsense. My '08 Chevy Truck and old Impala allow you to use the remote start to start, then open the door to get in, install key to run position and off you go!

Then the idiotic dealer says it is a safety feature to prevent theft!

How? The steering column & shift lever is locked. So, even if you find one running, break the window to get in, you still can't drive away with it. If you did manage to bust it up enough to get it into gear and drive off with it, the remote system is timed to shut down after a short time.

Or, the dealer explains that the car shuts down when the door is opened so that you don't engage the starter while the engine is running.

So, I guess the car is not intelligent enough to lock out the starter circuit when the engine is running.

Basically, the dealers can't explain why the remote system works the way it does so they make up a *** explanation. And, Subaru refuses to allow it to function in a reasonable manner.


How do you make it start? I don't have the directions?


how do make it start?


I have the same problem on a 2014

My 2010 Forester does not shut off when door is opened. Go figure


Boy I sure wished would have read this post last week before they put in my remote start at the dealer. I hate this one as well. Subaru needs to come up with something better.


Actually, that feature is to prevent theft. If you start your car from inside the house, some *** can't come along and drive it off.

Most people want remote start to warm up the car and restarting it won't interfere with that.

That being said, I can see some folks would agree with you that it's inconvenient.

No, I don't work for Subaru.

I bought a 2016 Forester a few months ago and am very happy with it. Of course, YMMV.


Totally agree, salesman told me after they installed it. Tried to tell me since it's push button start you can't *** with it.

I said BS. I had a vehicle in my garage with push button start 2015 Ford Explorer Limited.

Only turns off when shifting into gear without the KEYFOB or timing out after 20 minutes. Why can't Subaru do it???


By safety it also means so a child doesn't open the door of a running car.


Why would the door be unlocked? You still need the fob close enough to unlock the doors....


You really need to get a life. Those are non-issues to normal people.


I too am disappointed.... 40 foot range...

only if clear view... TERRIBLE.

WTF were they thinking??? My Jeep would start 200 plus feet away!


ive had my 2015 Legacy for 6 months and didnt even know i had a starter in the car. Just mad that they didnt tell me when i bought the car. I dont really care if it turns off.


Just bought a 2015 Subaru Outback and had the dealer install the remote start. As stated before, turning off the engine with opening the door is F&%king ***, If someone wants to steal it, take it, I have insurance.

It's a *** idea. I've have had many other cars and trucks that do not turn off and I've never had an issue. The other issue with it, is the range, I'm lucky to get 30 feet. Took it in for service and was told that's normal.

I complained to management and was told there was nothing they could do. A couple days later I received a call from Subaru of America, they won't remove it and return my money but they offered me $500 service card.

So, now I have to pay to have it removed and have a good remote starter installed. *** poor quality and design!!


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