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Who thought this one up? The factory installed remote starter for my 2014 Forester shuts the engine off when you open the door which means that every time you use the remote starter you'll be starting the car twice.

You also cannot program out the horn that beeps twice every time you use the remote starter. Let me tell you - my neighbors and their dogs really appreciate this at 5:30 AM, the time I leave for work!!!! I have had a number of remote starters in previous vehicles that have had the horn beep substituted with parking lights and an engine-kill when you step on the brake so I thought this one could be programed as well. Guess not.

Subaru customer service registered my complaint but will do nothing.

So I'll be out another $300-$400 as I rip out the factory installed system and replace it with an "after market" version that will do what I want. I'm NOT happy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car.

Monetary Loss: $400.

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Clearly Subuaru didn't think this one through. With nearly any other aftermarket remote start or OEM for that matter, the brake pedal, chipped ignition key and coded keyless entry provides enough security to prevent theft.

For $500 usd, there's no excuse for poor engineering.

This just puts twice the stress on the starter, emissions and battery multiple times a day; keep telling yourself it's a "security feature". The most efficient, though not always convenient, way to warm a car is an engine block or coolant preheater.


Amazing. Sounds to me like a bunch of fat, whiny babies.

It turns off the engine so some *** can't steal your car. Are you that American that your pudgy fingers can't turn the car back on? The remote start is for pre-heating or cooling your car.

It's not so you can instantly *** as you dual weild your egg mcmuffin and coffee.

Some people are so lazy, you just want every little thing done for you.



Obviously, your not very smart. What do you have insurance for???

If somebody wants to steal it, go for it. Once started, I want it to remain running. There's no reason to turn the car off, GM cars do not turn off and never have.

You can't put the car in gear if the car was remote started unless the key is turned on. It's not rocket science Subaru.......FIX IT.


It's not about the car shutting off. It's about having to start it again, which limits the life of the starter. ***


The Car is locked when it is started remotely. To start the car, you press lock 3 times, holding it down the last time.

If someone walks up to the car while it is running, they can't open the doors as it is locked. The only way you can un-lock the door is by pressing the unlock button on your fob, i.e. the one who remote started the car in the first place.

To get into a car started with the dealer installed remote start, you first have to unlock the door with the fob and then open the door. This is when it shuts down.

It may seem trivial, but, if I start it in after it snows, it shuts off when I open the door to get my snow brush.

If it takes a few minutes to clean the car, of course I want to have the engine running while I am doing this, Then when I am finished cleaning the snow, it *** down again when I in the car, 3 times to start it.

Pretty lame if you ask me


After you get your brush and you are about to start it a second time -thats when you should do a regular start, with the key in ignition or with your key in the cup-holder, if its pushbutton. Then it shouldnt shut off while you are outside brushing off snow. Thus 2 starts vs 3......still sux and I agree that there shouldnt be more then just the ONE start, but atleast this will cut down that third one you mentioned.


This is the best answer yet!


So you are complaining that it shuts off when you open the door, meaning you have to start it twice. But the other one has it when you hit the brakes? Wouldn't you have to also restart it?


You are a ***.


No, you get in, put the key in and on. Then you are out of auto start 'mode' and you the control.


No. The car would only shut off when you depress the brake pedal IF you fail to put your key in the ignition first or in the case of Push Button Start, you have to press the Start Button with the key fob in your possession. So only 1 start unless you forget like I do occasionally.


Seriously? Restarting your car will be the most difficult thing that you'll have to do all day? The system is designed like that so someone can't come by, throw a brick through your window and drive off.


My remote starter for 2010 is upsetting me to know end. Every winter it does something different.

Now it turns on the panic alarm and opens the trunk and it does not start the car. Don't know why I bother-would be nice to get into a warm car for a treat !!!!!This is for my Subaru Imprezza.....................


I agree w/ this poster, they say it's a safety issue but I wish I knew this before I spent $479.00.


Surprising all these negative reviews. I had mine dealer installed when I bought mine new in January 2010 on a 2009 model.

I live in an extreme cold climate in the northeast.

No problems from day one and I've had the car nearly 6 years.


One edit....mine does not turn off when the door is opened. Its a 2009 Forester XT.


They probably wisely installed an afgermarket system in your car.


Feel like so many people here. Just had a remote starter installed for $550 and feel like I threw away my money.

When I went to pick it up and they explained that the car will turn off when I open the door I was shocked. They also toldme I cannot program the defroster to turnon beforehand. The starter is merely to warm up the car!

I have a Honda Pilot with a remote starter.

I set the defroster the night before and the car is warm and ice free in the winter.

Plus, it will ONLY turn itself off if I hit the break WITHOUT putting the key into the proper position.

Regret getting the starter on the Subsru...what a waste.

@Marilyn M