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After 75,000 mile service, the engine blew 6,000 miles later. We even added a couple quarts of oil during the this time, because for some reason this car burns an abnormal amount of oil.

We were driving on the freeway, all of the sudden, with no warning the rod bust - engine blown- we pull over. No smoke, no oil leakage, NO oil in the engine!!!! No warning light of any kind. Never had an oil leak of any kind on the driveway or anywhere?

It's abnormal to burn this much oil. Subaru of America said, after keeping car a week. *** - we are not helping. I have read about this since, and it seems like this happens a lot, and I know other people that it's happened to.

No warning light, after 4,000 miles on new oil on a newer model. If I know even one other person like this, than it must be happening often. Very unhappy.

Will never purchase or have anything to do with them again, except for the lawsuit. I smell a recall!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Oil Change.

Reason of review: Bad quality, poor customer service, and defective product..

Monetary Loss: $6000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Subaru Of America Cons: Poor phone support.

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Same here. 2009 Legacy with 75,000 miles.

No warning light, no leakage, nothing. Apparently the oil just burned up. Apparently Subaru's have an issue with excessive oil burning which I was not aware of until this incident.

Subaru even though I was out of the warranty period did cover half the cost which came to about 2000 dollars for a new engine.

But for me the damage is done and this will be my last Subaru car ever.

If I have to replace an engine at 75,000 I am concerned what will be next.


This just happened to me. My 2009 Subaru Forester made an unusual engine noise, then the oil light (red) came on.

I pulled over, checked the oil--none. Had oil changed 7,500 mi. earlier at the Subaru dealer. It's at the dealer now.

They want $1,200 for the tear down (to see what went wrong) that will apply to either a $4500 remanufactured short block, or $6000 for a new short block. Please tell me how you went about getting Subaru of America to share in the cost.

This would help tremendously. Thank you.