Dallas, Oregon

Dear Sir,

I have a Sabaru 2011 outback. My wife and I really like the car, the seats are very comfortable for us, The ride is a little higher than a sedan which we like.

The reputation is good and high for consumer satisfaction. It is the first Sabaru we bought. Then after my pickup died I looked into buying another vehicle to replace my 30 year old pickup. I started to look at other pickups and saw that Sabaru made them, but they are not available here in Oregon.

As time went on I thought that perhaps I would buy a Sabaru and put a trailer hitch on it and buy a small utility trailer to use as needed when I need to haul things. As I started to look into this I discovered that some Sabaru models had problems with oil consumption and others had problems with the CVT automatic transmissions. My neighbor has a newer Sabaru than we have and she is having problems with loosing power on a curve. As I looked into the outback I started to have doubts about purchasing a new Sabaru.

I started to look on U-tube to see what is being said and that confirmed to me that Sabaru in some cases does have problems and some quality controls. Another thing that concerns me is the 3 years warranty on the CVT. It does not give me much confidence in the car. So now I am back at square one and do not know what to buy.

I like Sabaru but I am little worried about the CVT going bad after the warranty expires.

I recently read that Sabaru is redesigning the 2020 outback, so I thought to wait and see if the problems of the past are addressed, I sure hope so. I really like everything about Sabaru, but I cannot afford to spend 30,000 dollars and have problems with a new car. My biggest concern now is the CVT transmission and the high cost to repair or replace.

I have a little fear to buy it after seeing video’s on U-tube about the CVT transmission. Just hope that Sabaru is fixing the problems for 2020.


Richard Lieber


Product or Service Mentioned: 2011 Subaru Of America Outback Car.

Reason of review: Hope my Sabaru keeps running without problems.

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