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I receive the Subaru outback extended certified service agreement (CPO) in the mail the other day, I wanted to express the disappointment that I have with the with Subaru CPO. Reading the fine print and discovering the details of my 7 years or 100, 000 miles warranty.

This certified pre-owned agreement (CPO) for which I was sold is really a huge disappointment.

The so-called 7 years coverage is not 7 years

As it started on back on 07-012-16, the year of this car 2017, it will end on 2023, which in 4 years!

This CPO 100, 000. Miles coverage, is not 100, 000 miles as it was pre owned and when you start deducting the current millage for which was 23 thousand miles, my coverage is really 77 thousand miles.

So, when you look at this so-called 7 years or 100, 000 miles (CPO) that we thought we were buying, it’s detail revels it’s only good for: 4 years or 77 thousand miles.

We were lead to believe that this CPO would cover a lot more than this, We are very disappointed in how Subaru is standing behind its product.

This information was not given to us and not seeing all the breakdown in the contract prior to purchasing this agreement. Not only was the contract misleading it did not explain that you were dating this car prior to the year it was being sold!

Furthermore last week, I got a prompt from the 2017 Subaru Outback instrument panel telling me to schedule oil service, I called the Arrowhead Dealership service department and told them that, I had only driven the car for about 2 thousand miles since I bought it, I ask the lady, do they change and reset the oil service reminder in the car, she was not sure? So, I scheduled a Oil service at your dealership.

When I arrived, I told by the service adviser (Brad) my dilemma, he got into my car without looking or checking my oil, reset the oil reminder service light to reflect 3 more thousands miles.

I also informed him that, I had a low pressure Or TPMS warring light that came on and that I did check the tire pressure and with no such luck the TPMS light did not go off, he told me that he would have one of the guys check the air-pressure, I explained to him that I have already done this, I’m at the dealership, I would like to get this fixed, as the light in the dash has been on now for several days. He told me that I would need to make another appointment to get that this look at.

Great way to treat or impress a new customer.

I took my car to Discount tires and they check the TMPS and told me that they had to reset the TPMS, which took about 10 min. The TMPS light is off no charge, thanks to Discount!


Nathan L DeRiso

22908 W Roy Rogers CT

Wittmann AZ 85361

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Preferred solution: Honor your service warranty! 7 years or 100,000.

Subaru Of America Pros: Outback.

Subaru Of America Cons: High pressure to purchase extended warranty.

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