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Update by user Apr 19, 2018

As of 4/19/18, no response has been received from Subaru of America. I am not feeling LOVED!

Original review posted by user Mar 19, 2018

The oil pressure sensing system on my 2005 Outback failed and I am having to replace the 2.5 liter engine (New York/California emissions standard) at 151,000 miles. When engine stopped running and the Oil warning light came on solid, the block was 3.5 quarts low on oil. Deep engine damage to wrist pin on piston(s) occurred, so valves slam into pistons as they rise in the cylinders and the engine must be replaced.

Lesson learned: don't trust the Oil warning light of a Subaru to inform you of a low oil level. Check it weekly with a paper towel.

Subaru is my brand. I have owned six of them, and I have been very satisfied with them over the past 40 years. I am disappointed in this design flaw, which failed to sense a condition wherein the 6-quart oil system is 3.5 quarts low, in this day and age of high technology in cars.

Perhaps the engineers should consider sensing the actual oil level before the vehicle starts up, rather than relying solely on the oil pressure (which could be sensed incorrectly), as it would appear happened in my case.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2005 Subaru Of America Outback Car.

Reason of review: Dashboard Instrumentation Engine Oil Level Warning System by Oil Pressure Alone.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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the oil warning light has nothing to do with level, but rather pressure. They did nothing wrong, check your level.