Maplewood, New Jersey
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My safety and the safety of others was endangered when I was driving my leased 2019 Forester in my New Jersey neighborhood yesterday, tried to apply the car brake and suddenly could not because something was wedged behind it.

It turns out the remote start that Subaru installed at an extra charge as part of my Dec 2018 lease agreement had been simply taped into the engine area - and the tape lost its stickiness and the remote start fell behind the brake. Incredibly dangerous.

What if I had been traveling at a high rate of speed on a highway? What if a child ran into the road? The what-ifs are just terrifying - and certainly could have meant injury, death and at least one lawsuit for Subaru.

Luckily I was traveling slow enough that I was able to get the car to the side of the road.

My dealership, Subaru Open Road on Rt 22, NJ, tells me it is standard installation practice to use the adhesive tape plus a zip-tie that apparently my device slipped through. Obviously not a secure enough method to use a single zip tie.

I strongly urge you to change that practice IMMEDIATELY before someone gets hurt or killed.

Thank goodness no one was hurt - or killed - in this incident. Please take some action to change this flawed standard for installation.

Learn from this mistake before it's too late, and design a safer method of installation.

Reason of review: Dangerous flaw in standard installation of remote start.

Preferred solution: Design a safer method of installation.

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