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Besides making one of the finest cars in the world I love your ads. We've been dog lovers for the past 45 years and currently have two English Bulldogs and two golden retrievers.

We love the car wash ad. We also love the one where the Goldens have to turn on the wipers because the bulldog in the car in front of them is slobbering.

The spirit of that ad is lost when when I am told the Dealer's policy does not allow dogs in the loaner cars. I have a brand new ascent with approximately 5,000 miles that needs the eyesight fixed. So I raised a fuss at the dealer because I couldn't allow my top golden to ride along to deliver my ascent to the dealer for service I JUST spent $35,000+ to get a new ascent for our seven dogs and I can't bring my top dog along because I'm getting a loner.

He goes with me everywhere without exception. Some guy up there tried to rationalize it by saying but we don't allow smokers either in the loaner cars. And I thought Subaru's not advertising to attract smokers they are advertising to track dog lovers. Love it's what makes a Subaru a Subaru.

So I want Subaru of America to make a policy that dogs cannot be forbidden from riding in loaner cars.

I got my dealer to say okay just put a blanket over the sheet to catch any hair. That's because I walked in the showroom and said I'm not buying another damn Subaru from you because of the stupid policy.

I can understand if a dog does physical damage to a car you have to pay for that repair. But I don't think because they shed a little hair that should deny them entrance to the car.

I always tell people I am not bothered by that new car smell for long because I carry my 7 dogs around all the time. I wouldn't expect you put the seven dogs in a rental but I do expect my top dog to be able to come with me.

So I think you have a great image and to maintain that image you can't be hypocritical about the way you treat dog owners on loaner cars.

I think that policy totally contradicts the whole image of Subaru.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Customer Care.

Reason of review: Dogs in loaner cars.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Subaru Of America Pros: Great cars and great image.

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