The motor in my 2011 Impreza Outback Sport died at just over 40,000 miles. I coasted into a local repair shop, and three mechanics swore that the oil tank was over-full and smelled of gasoline.

Subaru insisted I have the vehicle towed over 50 miles to the nearest dealership. The dealership immediately placed the blame on a local oil change mechanic, before anyone there even popped the hood.

All avenues of recourse for having this service covered under the warranty were useless. Subaru of America's customer service department didn't even look into the matter and instead simply stated that they relied on the dealership's assessment. Cost of repair was over $6,000. We are now forced to take the matter to small claims court. I will never buy another Subaru and take every opportunity to share this story with anyone who will listen.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Oil Change.

Monetary Loss: $6000.

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In same boat. Have 2016 Wrx sti.

Cylinder #2 went bad with only 12000 miles.

Subara claims abuse and aggressive driving. Aggressive driving really?

It's a STI

First the said they needed to see if car was modified. When that didnt work on to next excuse.


The motor in my 2010 Subaru Forest died at 88,000 miles. 1-2 months after I had financed the vehicle the engine was making a weird noise and I called the Service Department thinking they would help.

But no, they kept telling me that was normal and to make sure the oil is at the right level. I made another call 2 months later, because the noise was annoying and the technician told me once again that it's normal and that as long as the oil is at the right level I don't need to schedule an appointment. This same "service" continued for the next year.

As of today, they will not honor their gold plus warranty to replace the engine and then they called my financing company saying they wanted to put the car in repossession, because I will not pick it up. What kind of service is that?

To make it worse I was never notified in writing or in person that the car was picked up and towed. I feel like you and will never buy another Subaru.