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I wish to officially issue a complaint about your latest ad (at least my first viewing of it today) featuring dogs yelling at a cat on a Subaru. I have always suspected that your pet 'friendly' doesn't extend beyond dogs (witness at giveaway time, you only give dog oriented toys), but showing a poor cat falling off an Outback hood is beyond tolerable.

My cat, Boris, is not only invited to dance on my Subaru, but also to inspect the interior as it suits us.

I'll admit, he's not terribly fond of rides, but otherwise likes the car very well - as do I, since it's my 4th Subaru.

Of course this is only partially tongue-in-cheek, because I really do think you should extend your 'pets' to include more than just slobbery, yappy dogs! Best Regards, Lynne

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Commercial.

Reason of review: Un-pet-friendly advertising.

Preferred solution: Just to express my dismay and displeasure.

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Get a life! Not suggesting that your cats belong in the microwave but honestly- go do something important Oh. Watch less television Read a book-take a walk


I do both - plus I have a sense of humor!