Antioch, California
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I own 2008 outback, purchased from Livermore Calif Dealer, new. Has 68000 miles on it and I would like to trade in for 2019 or 2020.

But you see Ican no ride in the front seats, very painful over 45 minutes. I've called customer service at least 3 times in the last 3years only to be brushed off. I sincerely wish I could purchase another outback but can not. Have ridden in many other vehicles, friends and family on extended trips with good results.

I see in reviews And talking to other owners I'm no alone, they have been brushed off also. What does leadership have to say to customers who have to move on, wishing this could be addressed. I' m 79 and weight 165lbs considered healthy. On the part you sit on, the back of the horizontal seat places the tail bone low way below the height of the knees.

Thus 90%of the lower spine is resting upon one small area do to design error according to med spinal specialist and present and past owners. What Say You?

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