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Subaru outback 2013

Sudden unwanted forceful acceleration, collision avoidance failed to engage.

Back home safely from a local

grocery, pulled the car slight on the driveway, stopped with foot on the brake to open the garage, about to hit the home link, must remain stopped while garage door opens

because driveway slopes downward, heard engine roar with foot still on the brake, car started throttle forcefully, got bewildered, pressed hard on the brake; it did not respond,

the car hit hard on the garage and brick wall, causing extensive damages. Air bags deployed, driver was senseless, both driver and passenger hurt, car is declared total. It was

very hot at about 4:15 pm, air condition had been running at full force all the while during the short 15 minute drive. The driveway has a 10 ft slab with upward slope, the car

stopped with front wheels at the end of the first slab. The remaining driveway is about 30 ft on a downward slope. I keep the car totally standstill while the garage is opening.

The car was at a slight angle facing slightly toward the driver side corner of the garage.

The impact was very forceful: a complete brick wall got displaced by almost 1 inch at one side and the displacement on the other side of

the wall caused a two story load bearing brick column to crack on both sides. Garage structure and roof got damaged. This car is maintained in good condition and never have

been in accident before. Called police, but they did not come.

I am 100% sure that this is a manufacturing defect.

Besides, I saw collision avoidance work in many other situation, but this time, it did not work. This is a serious public safety issue happening a lot with Subaru.

I claimed to Subaru for property damages, and for physical and mental sufferings. Subaru accident rep first told me I would be given a new car to start with if I am willing to take my damaged car to a local Subaru dealer.

Now she is saying that I need to give my car to auto insurance company. They are not agreeing to take the responsibility caused by the defect in their car.

The impact speed must have been at least 25 miles per hour. How that car could attain such high speed within 30 miles unless it was accelerating full throttle? It could not be anything other than a serious defect.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2013 Subaru Of America Outback Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $99000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Subaru Of America Pros: Our lives saved, Lives saved.

Subaru Of America Cons: Extensive property damages, Got senseless, Got hurt, Future medical expenses.

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2014 Outback 3.6 Limited. Earlier this week my wife went grocery shopping and was coming to a stop in a parking space in front of the store.

Her foot was on the brake- she was essentially parked- approximately 4’ from the sidewalk in front of the car- the car suddenly flew forward, engine revving as if the gas peddle was floored (it wasn’t!). The car hit the curb with enough force to blow to blow a tire and mounted the sidewalk between the parking space and grocery store. Despite the fact that her foot was on the brake and it was depressed, the brakes were having no effect in overriding the instantaneous surge of full power from the engine. She had to quickly take her foot off the brake and punch it with all her strength to stop the car just before it would have hit the building.

She immediately shut it off. Thank god no one was on the sidewalk in front of her- if someone had been they likely would have died. This was NOT a case of driver error and neither was the floor mat was jammed under the gas peddle. She was braking to a stop in a parking space barely moving as her foot was on the brake peddle.

She wears a size six shoe and her foot was not straddling the brake and gas peddle. We notified the manufacturer, the dealer and Transport Canada immediately. Transport Canada has launched an investigation and will be inspecting the car next week. Subaru has registered the complaint but we’ve had no follow up from them since my initial call.

The dealer’s service manager called back only after he was contacted by the Transport Canada investigator despite me having left 3 previous messages. The service manager seemed more concerned that Transport Canada was involved, stated that the complaint was above his pay grade and that he would refer the issue to the general manager- no contact from the dealer since then. I’ve come across numerous, identical complaints of sudden unexpected acceleration involving Subaru’s on other sites. This is an extremely dangerous and life threatening defect that must be take seriously and must be resolved.

All of the various manufacturers and most investigator’s routinely blame sudden unexpected acceleration on driver error (no doubt, the majority of these events are driver error. But not all.

My wife is now terrified to drive the Outback and refuses to drive it again- ever. And she absolutely loved that car until this happened.


Same with me - unintended acceleration which caused an accident while driving a Subaru outback. I want to start a class action lawsuit.

Please contact me if interested.



This happened to me in my 2018 Subaru. Subaru checked the black box and said the car accelerated 2 seconds before the crash.

Blamed me. I was pulling into a parking spot, had slowed down with my foot on the brake when it accelerated. No amount of pressure on the brake would stop it. Ran into a Rite-Aide concrete wall, punched *** in it.

No airbags deployed. Said it was because I hit it on the corner right driver's side and not fast enough! What? This car has to be recalled.

It is going to kill someone. Oh, and I'm 63, so I'm sure they'll use the old geezer defense.


This just happened to me today. I was driving my 2019 Subaru Crosstrek. Subaru and other new car companies need to recall this computer sensor for the gas pedal.


This just happened to a friend of mine. I would like to hear what became of your situation.

I was almost killed us this car came through my business wall.

I saw the driver can do almost a complete stop and then the car ran through my building with the engine revving, the driver says she is positive her foot was on the break the whole time. My email address is


I reported the incident to Subaru America. They wanted to have my car to inspect it.

I was very courteous to provide the car to them. The inspection result they sent did acknowledge that the eyesight did not prevent the collision.

However, they falsified the report to claim that I did evasive steering while in fact I did no steering at all, while the car accelerated and hit my house. At the end they provided me no compensation at all.


common problem in electronics


I have a 2015 outback with six cylinders. I have not experienced self acceleration at all, but I do have trouble with the eye site Working properly. I also have a problem with the liftgate not always working from the outside, especially if it is raining.

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