Newark, Delaware

My fiance' was harassed at this location while in your companies employ, by the manager and staff in the sales department and by office management at the same branch location. multiple reports were filed, numerous complaints were made, and all that she received as an answer was that the owner was " looking into her claims of alleged harassment." This is outrageous, especially with the great reputation that precedes a Subaru dealership. I may not be in the best position to do any thing legally in my fiance's defense, but i will say that my family has lived in this town and worked for its government since before this was a nation.Something will happen to right this wrong before the statute of limitations runs out. I owned a Subaru just recently, but i sold it at a loss to be rid of the car that bough tears to the woman's eyes i love, and i will now be recommending another variety of car to my friends, family and clients. Please show the same responsibility that your commercials and mission statement suggest, and pursue this to its fullest extent.

the manager was named Larry kid, an the owner is Eve Slap

you can reach my fiance Amanda Happold directly or through e-mail

# is 215-429-7590

e-mail is

or @

Thank you in advance for your concern in this matter and your swift and complete investigation.

sincerely Armand E. T. Osgood Sr.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Manager.

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But, isn't "Love a Subaru?" You should try making your complaint to someone who cares, maybe the State Employment Development Dept., or, the DA's office. A good lawyer might even take the case on consignment.


How come the number doesn't work?


I am sure you will be hearing from the Slap's lawyer soon. It will not be what you are looking for however. It will be for slander and will cost you more than losing $$ when you foolishly sold your fine automobile...

@Jim Jimbob

Grade A ***