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Came to Subaru to check on why my car is not starting properly while everything (all lights, radios, etc turns on fine). My service advisor seemed like he didn’t care to help and had an attitude each time I needed assistance.

When I dropped off my car, I let him know that I had the car inspected at another shop already and that the battery, alternator, and starter is fine. Also, told him that the shop told me to let Subaru know to check the brake switch, starter relay, and the ignition switch or else the programming for the key fob/push start. Left my car there and got a call back in a couple of hours stating that the car works fine and that they did a “hard reset”. Skeptical but I took their word for it and two days later, same symptoms.

I called Subaru again and spoke with the same advisor, he kept saying that they wouldn’t work on my car because of my mods. I used to work at this Subaru and also bought my car from here, purchased the gold extended warranty and I believed that they would at least honor the warranty and diagnose the car. If the issue was connected to my mods, I would totally understand them not trying to fix the car. But the fact that all they did was a “hard reset”, which is basically unhooking the battery and putting it back together, and not checking the car at all is outrageous and disappointing.

I will not be coming back to this location. Very very displeased.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car Repair.

Reason of review: Order processing issue.

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I repair industrial and commercial machinery and unfortunately can't allow myself to listen to the customer tell me that "such and such is fine". I'm not sure what you mean by "attitude" but I don't argue with anyone yet check everything myself anyhow. I will stay away from Subaru because I don't like anything Japanese.