1234 Putney Rd, Brattleboro, VT 05301
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Your service department at Brattleboro Subaru in Vermont is trying to cover up the fact they have done a terrible job. Now they expect me to pay maybe over $1500 without an explanation of what all the problems.

Why did it take 3 days to order parts? and then why did they call me after 3 days and tell me they ordered the wrong parts. And then i get phone call that they "found" a part that work. I want answers like: what were those parts to begin with?

did you just find an old part in the corner of the garage and use that because youre trying to get rid of me.

I had Shane at the desk lie to me constantly about the problems. Nate just laughed at me over the phone when I was clearly having a melt down. Shawn the Service Manager is avoiding me. And now I've had to cause a scene in the sale department just to get somones attention.

I even had to call the General manager, John Sciacca. He picked up the phone and said "I can't hear you, I'm driving in a convertible." oooo-la la. I am so glad Mr.

General Manager Sciacca is cruising around on a weekend while i've been at work for 12 days straight without my own vehicle.Must be nice to be upper management. John told me to "speak up" cuz you know, he's driving a convertible and talking on the phone, and then he hung up on me for yelling.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $666666.

Preferred solution: A face to face meeting with management to start. then negotiating begins..

Subaru Of America Pros: Sell cars i need car to drive.

Subaru Of America Cons: Poor communication, Expensive repairs, Unempathetic employees, Management has gotten lazy, Have slacked off on their founding values and goals.

  • management
  • Communication
  • Poor Service
  • Service Department
  • No Honor Or Commitment To Custome
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