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I purchased a Subaru Legacy with the intent of having it paid off before our son went to college knowing I would have what I thought to be a reliable car that would last for several more years after the last payment was made. After a little over 1 year of owning the car it started to make a whining noise.

A reputable well-known transmission garage (in addition to my usual mechanic and a former subaru mechanic) told me the transmission needed to be replaced and could only be replaced at a Subaru dealership. I was told it could cost upwards of $7,000-$8,000. I contacted the dealership where I purchased the vehicle and after speaking to 2 representatives from that dealership was told I had to contact the main customer service department for the company. I called and was advised that a service bulletin was issued which offered a dollar amount toward replacing the transmission if the vehicle met certain criteria - mine did not.

I drive 100+ miles per day and was over the 100,000 mile limit.

I emailed the company customer service dept twice asking for assistance with replacing the transmission and each time was given the same criteria in order for assistance from the company. In my third email I requested contact by a customer service representative but never received any reply.

The vehicle stopped abruptly one very rainy day during rush hour. Fortunately I was able to engage the hazard lights and then get the vehicle off the road without causing an accident. I was offered $700 as a trade-in value for the vehicle.

It wasn't operable and my only recourse was to trade it.

Several of my family members have purchased Subaru vehicles and they were very satisfied with the quality.

It appears we lost approximately $5000 by purchasing that Legacy. $5000 that we could have used to put toward our son's college tuition!

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