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Update by user Aug 17

Refer to updated text. SOA came through in the end and replaced the transmission and picked up the tab.

Update by user Aug 17

I continued to plead my case to Subaru of America and they acquiesced and covered the cost of a rebuilt transmission ($9140.84)! Yahoo!

It has a 3 year warranty, so I'll be selling the car in 2 yrs and 11 months.

I really am grateful they came through...there is no way I could have afforded to pay for that repair. Thank you SOA!

Original review posted by user Jul 18

The car stalled out in traffic...nearly killed us! But that doesn't really matter unless we were actually killed, then the transmission may have been recalled.

But, I digress. The car is a 2011...not even 10 years old with 114,000 mi. - 14,000 miles out of the extended warranty period. Subaru extending the warranty was simply to avoid a recall - which would have been more costly.

The problem is all of those transmissions out of warranty that have yet to blow - makes it a danger on the roads for all of us!

For pity sake, I had a VW Fox that lasted 245,000 miles! I was expecting at least that from my Outback. And I was feeling good about Subaru...not anymore. Just another corporation.

The dealer wanted $9144.94 to replace the transmission.

What tha! I paid a little over $30,000 for the car in 2011 - so they wanted a third of the price of the car. UNBELIEVABLE! We bought a tent for the top of the car so we could visit some National Parks this summer...isn't that what Subaru promotes...but we can't do that now - summer plans have been cancelled.

Subaru of America said...we can pay 50% of the replacement...brought it down to $4572.47.


We're both currently unemployed...that's why camping with our young son looked appealing.

Really...that's the best Subaru can do...a multi-billion dollar corporation and that's the best they Cry can do. I'm not feeling the love.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $30000.

Preferred solution: Replace the transmission and pick up the full cost of replacement..

Subaru Of America Cons: Repairs and suggested resolution, Cost and customer service.

  • Customer Dissatisfaction
  • Cvt Failure
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