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I write this letter at 3:00 AM because I can't sleep, I'm still sick to my stomach about the treatment I have received from your dealership. I've learned that Integrity, Honesty and Trust is something that simply does not exist in your dealership.

I'm not a big spender so this letter probably will be overlooked, but I work hard for the little bit of money I do make. I bought a used subaru legacy. Not being very educated in the car business I was pleased how helpful your salesman were only to find out later the deal I got was not such great deal for my family after all. I was assured by the salesman that all your used cars go through a 30 point inspection to ensure good running cars.

When I selected the car that was right for me I noticed it seemed to make a strange sound, but your salesman said it was a problem that Nate wade would fix. After purchasing the vehicle I called the service department as instructed by the salesman to take care of that noise. The CVJ and DOJ boots needed replaced plus two front axles. When the bill came for $457.74 your salesman had a sudden case of amnesia and couldn't remember that part of the deal.

A few weeks later my wife noticed a burning smell in the engine, Come to find out the oil pump, valve covers, o rings and oil pump seals needed replaced, a cost of $392.70. A few weeks later check engine light comes on again, temperature sensor needs replaced a cost of $103.19. Another few weeks later my car starts making a funny noise again, so I have the car checked out again, engine is going out, I was quoted $1700.00 plus labor which would be around $1200. My question to you is what kind of mechanics do you have to not noticed any of these problems during your so called 30 point inspection.

I asked one of your mechanics if these are problems they would notice while checking a vehicle, he said absolutely. How did my car get missed? Or is your certified used cars just a line you use to sale cars? Last is the price I paid.

Again not knowing about the value of my car I got the great deal of $6900 includes tax and licensing. I paid high retail for my car. I've learned high retail means a car is in excellent shape, well the body of my car is beat-up, paint scratched rearview mirror broken, cracked bumper and of course their is the deduction for the high miles. I was depressed to find out how much my car is really worth.

I feel ripped off. Integrity, Honesty, Trust, and Good service is what your dealership claims, I have not seen it. Anything to make that mighty dollar, even if it means being dishonest. I have a three month old daughter and need for a reliable car.

I've been offered a trade in if I can find another car on your lot, but come to find out I would not receive even close to what I paid for it, Losing alI equity in the car, plus money spent on repairs. I don't feel very good about getting ripped off again; I have no trust in your dealership.

I'm taking the following action, anytime the subject of cars come up I tell my story about dishonest Nate Wade Subaru. I've never forgot

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car.

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