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I want a new 2020 Outback to replace my 2015. I want a heated steering wheel.

I live in Iowa. It gets cold here! I do not want a moon roof or navigation. The moon roof would never be used and it lessens headroom.

We all have navigation on our phones. Why do we need it adding expense to the vehicle? My biggest question is why do I have to buy the high end vehicle with a $2000 package that I don't want just to get the heated steering wheel Why isn't it packaged with the rear heated seats and the all weather floor mats, something that would make sense.

I could buy a Jeep and add the cold weather package to any level vehicle but I love my 2015 Outback and I want to trade it for a newer Outback. Why do you think only the rich deserve to have a warm steering wheel?

Reason of review: Just want to address my problem of not being able to get a heated steering wheel..

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