State Park, South Carolina
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I had the oil consumption test performed on 10/17/2016 at Prestige Subaru in Asheville, NC. In a nutshell I was so close to qualifying for the repair the service manager, Jerry, said he was going to call headquarters to see if he could do anything.

The answer was no, even though I was close, I did not qualify according to Subaru's "formula". This seemed like such an inadequate response since I always have to add oil to my car between oil changes (every 5K miles) I was certain I should and would qualify. As the owner of the vehicle what matters to me is not some formula but the fact that I should not have to add engine oil so often. On top of this for some very strange reason Subaru did not put a low oil indicator light on the 2011 forester - which means I am constantly fearful that I will forget to check my oil or not check it soon enough and my engine will be virtually destroyed if i suddenly run out of oil.

YIKES. I am proud to be a Subaru owner and have been a fan of the Subaru brand, however, this issue has been incredibly disappointing and I am sad to say I could not buy another Subaru unless Subaru makes this right.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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