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The paint integrity on the 2018 Sunshine orange Crosstrek is non existent. My car was purchased January 13, 2p18, just over 2 months ago.

I even purchased a clear vinyl bra with the delivery of my new car but right above it would be at least 5 paint chips on the hood alone. I have purchased new vehicles from other brands without any chips until years into ownership. I know not what could be done if anything, however feel it be of utmost importance to have the company aware and fix and discontinue this paint brand or method of application for this color in the future. Heres to another 7 years w

Of more paint chips to come!

I would appreciate some sort of response. Thank you

Product or Service Mentioned: 2018 Subaru Of America Crosstrek Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I am so angry!!! I just had to FIGHT to get my 2019 WHITE Crosstrek roof's repainted due to a paint issue.

Just picked it up and before leaving the lot we did a walk around with service and found ANOTHER area where the paint was cracking. I am back to square one and fighting to get it repainted on the doors now too. It is just a year old and less than 8k miles. I am so upset.

We NEVER use the auto wash we hand wash our cars and this is the first NEW NEW car we have ever had and it is fully paid off. It is making me SICK!!! I am so pissed off I want to trade it in and what I found out is that whis is happening to MANY crosstrek vehicles. I am thinking of asking to be placed into a different model because Subaru is painting and only authorizing one area a time and using the same damn defective paint that's on there now.

What happens when my lemon law warranty runs out and I cannot fight to get my monies back? I bought every damn warranty they had (or so I THOUGHT) but wasn't offered a paint one.

NOW My dealership says I can have some special protective wrap put on it for $1k. I thin Subaru should pay for it so I do not have to do this over and over again!!!!


FYI..This falls under the Lemon law..If the dealership knowingly sold you a car with a documented problem..Its covered I use that term and small claims Court..And How to Correctly Spell Each persons Name that I Deal with So as to correctly spell it on court documents..Its been Working ..Got the dealership to look at chips and submit pics to Subaru Of America..Well see.. ill keep you updated on the best process to take! MCW


I Purchased A 2019 Sunshine Orange Crosstrek,in Feb of 2019..I Have over 30 chips in my paint , Every metal painted piece on the car has a chip down to metal..had permaplate paint guard, they refused to even look at it! Ripoff, still fighting all the way to the top..GM of Subaru of Portland..says *** fix it Yet here i wait Sept..while those chips are all rusting


I have the 2015 orange crosstrek and have the same problem


Our 2018 Subaru orange Crosstrek has the same issue. I counted 15 chips.

That’s one for each 1000 miles driven. We’re awaiting Subaru’s response.


I just signed this petition for all Subaru owners! This includes all years and models. http://chng.it/HDy2byMp8h I have had so much back and forth between Subaru, they offered to pay half the repair out of "goodwill"


Get a lemon law lawyer like I did. I had the same issues.


Hi there, How did this laywer help you?? What was the outcome?


I also have a 2018 Sunshine Orange crosstrek and I had to get a lemon law lawyer because all Subaru wants to do is repaint the car. My car is a year old and this is crazy to have this done.

The hood was repainted and looked like crap afterwards, that’s when the dealership swapped a hood from a new vehicle. I now notice more chips on the doors so I have had it.

If I knew this before hand I would not have purchased this vehicle in this color. Subaru of America needs to step up to the plate and replace it with another vehicle or buy it back.


I also have the same paint problem but have not taken it back to the dealer yet. how should I handle it ?


My crosstrek is a mess paint chips everywhere even on hatchback. Pretty sure i dont drive with hatch open so it could get scratched


My paint is chipping like crazy as well! I’ve never seen a car chip so easily!


I have the same problem on my 2019 sunshine orange Crosstrek, took to the dealership and the body shop guy said it was stone chips. I was not happy, the paint is popping off the hood, roof, all along the sides on BOTH sides of the car.

This is NOT stone chips. Called Subaru and they are aware of this and also that a class action lawsuit is beginning for the issue!


I too have had many issues with my 2018 sunshine orange Suburu Crosstrek paint. I had the hood replaced two months into owning the car (thanks to the dealership) and then paid extra for a full hood vinyl clear coat. Still experiencing tons of paint chips all over the side of the car.


Steve H I also purchased a 2018 Sunshine Orange Crosstrek I am very particular about taking care of my car wash it and wax it often. I noticed a lot of chips right away I do not follow cars closely or drive on dirt or grave roads much so felt it should not be chipping.

Took it back to the dealer and explained that the car I traded in after 6 years with 175,000 miles did not have as many chips as my Subaru.

After a few visits Subaru agreed to repaint the affected panels which is all but the rear quarters, rear hatch and rear bumper. But they said it was a one time offer.


I have a 2018 cross trek with the same issue. It appears that the hood paint is extremely thin.

I continue to touch-up these spots; now I have a spotty hood. Not happy.


I have a 2017 Subaru crosstrek with paint chips everywhere on the hood. I noticed them within the firat year.

No my car is almost 2 years old. Horrible quality paint. Subaru and my dealer won't do anything about it.

In five years the car will probably look terrible. I will never buy another Subaru and I will never buy from green Subaru in Springfield, Illinois.


I too am a owner of a 2018 Sunshine Crosstrek - bought it in October 2017 by January had to many to count paint chips. Subura is painting my car finally but they will not admit responsibility they said because my car does not have many miles, they would paint it complimentary.

I know that it will do it again, as it is the poor paint. Love the car, hate the paint- not sure I can keep the car....


My boyfriend has been back and forth with Subaru America customer service since he bought the car a few months ago. He drove it off the lot and it immediately started to accumulate over 20 paint chips all around the car.

My boyfriend takes really great care of his things and bought Subaru for the quality and longevity. He is utterly crushed that no one at Subaru would help him. They finally agreed to have the car repainted which still stinks because he bought a BRAND new car not a repainted one and this solution will hinder the resale value down the line. The paint job had dirt underneath and they didn't even do all the panels.

They took it back to repaint AGAIN and we are awaiting the results. Subaru, this is your mess up. You have tons of dissatisfied customers, make it right! There was a bad batch of paint, declare a recall and help your customers get what they paid for.

We love the car otherwise but its hard to make the payment every month knowing that the money goes to people who care so little. Subaru, be the company we thought you were!


We also are experiencing the same thing. We have a 2018 Sunshine Orange Crosstrek, we did not get anywhere with Subaru.

All they wanted to do was repaint the car and it did not turn out well. We did get a lemon law lawyer and said we had a case and now action is being taken by Subaru.

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