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The paint integrity on the 2018 Sunshine orange Crosstrek is non existent. My car was purchased January 13, 2p18, just over 2 months ago.

I even purchased a clear vinyl bra with the delivery of my new car but right above it would be at least 5 paint chips on the hood alone. I have purchased new vehicles from other brands without any chips until years into ownership. I know not what could be done if anything, however feel it be of utmost importance to have the company aware and fix and discontinue this paint brand or method of application for this color in the future. Heres to another 7 years w

Of more paint chips to come!

I would appreciate some sort of response. Thank you

Review about: 2018 Subaru Of America Crosstrek Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I too am a owner of a 2018 Sunshine Crosstrek - bought it in October 2017 by January had to many to count paint chips. Subura is painting my car finally but they will not admit responsibility they said because my car does not have many miles, they would paint it complimentary.

I know that it will do it again, as it is the poor paint. Love the car, hate the paint- not sure I can keep the car....


My boyfriend has been back and forth with Subaru America customer service since he bought the car a few months ago. He drove it off the lot and it immediately started to accumulate over 20 paint chips all around the car.

My boyfriend takes really great care of his things and bought Subaru for the quality and longevity. He is utterly crushed that no one at Subaru would help him. They finally agreed to have the car repainted which still stinks because he bought a BRAND new car not a repainted one and this solution will hinder the resale value down the line. The paint job had dirt underneath and they didn't even do all the panels.

They took it back to repaint AGAIN and we are awaiting the results. Subaru, this is your mess up. You have tons of dissatisfied customers, make it right! There was a bad batch of paint, declare a recall and help your customers get what they paid for.

We love the car otherwise but its hard to make the payment every month knowing that the money goes to people who care so little. Subaru, be the company we thought you were!


I have a 2017 Legacy with only 9,000 miles. The stone chips are on every panel of the car.

I spoke to other Legacy owners. They have the same problem. Not just some of the owner....ALL of the owners.

Subaru builds a nice car, but they need to fix this issue. Subaru agreed to paint my car, but the paint will just chip again.


If you're in Canada read this: the Ministry automotive standards. Paint finishes must last a minimum of 6 years in most provinces. You have recourse.


Sunshine Orange '18, Detroit, MI, USA; purchased October '17, now July '18 about 7,700 miles on it, no offroading, all suburban road driving, counted 41 chips just on the hood and two front doors, and what is weird is that the primer is spotless underneath the chips and the metal isn't deformed, but the orange just flakes off.


Over 80 chips on my sunshine orange 2018 Crosstrek. Been waiting a month for a reply from Subaru of Canada.

Not impressed. First chips after 11 days! I will definitely be taking this further. Subaru knows there is an issue.

They obviously do not stand behind their product! Saskatchewan Canada


My orange Crosstrek is loaded with paint chips. I just bought the car seven months ago.

Subaru says not their problem. I am extremely frustrated, as I take very good care of my car.


I've had a sunshine orange Crosstrek for six months and found 15 paint chips to date.I just signed the petition, “Hold Subaru accountable for chipping paint on 2018 Crosstrek models. Consumers not warned!” by kaeo.

I think this is important. Will you sign it too?Here’s the link:


I just signed the petition, “kaeo: Hold Subaru accountable for chipping paint on 2018 Crosstrek models. Consumers not warned!.” I think this is important. Will you sign it too?Here’s the link:


I am having the same problem with my 2016 Outback. Any time someone hits my car with their door (which unfortunately has happened THREE times in the past TWO years), it chips all the way to the metal.

Any rocks, big or small that fly up from the car in front of me chip all the way to the metal. I have bubbles forming near the chipped spots.

I bought this car for all of the safety features, AWD, and gas mileage, but I am honestly getting fed up with the paint. Upon seeing so many people having similar problems, especially so many with a newer model than mine, I will probably not buy a Subaru anymore im the future.


I’m glad to know I’m not the only one with this issue, I purchased my 2018 cross trek and already have had a ton of paint chips on my hood and front bumper as well as one on the seam of a door.... I was told I must have hit my door but there was not a dent and I’d know if I hit my door against something.




Bought mine september 2017 ..... full of stone chip everywhere....

subaru canada wont apply is warranty... they said that i drive bad and im responsible....

have to sue them in court.... good luck everyone


I have the same problems with my Subaru Crosstrek (Sunshine Orange). After 5Monthdriving in the city more then 70 oft paint chips.Peachland Canada

to Helmut Blettinger #1498220

Did you put a claim in to warranty? Mine sunshine orange 2018 has over 80 chips the first ones shoring up after 11 days!

Been waiting almost a month for a reply from warranty.

I am going to sue the dealer in small claims court if warranty doesn't stand behind their product. Shameful and disappointing!


Call SOA and report the issue. They will give you an incident number.

While this may not resolve the issues, it will provide them with a record of the problem.

I reported mine, and they didn't have many other official reports. +1-800-782-2783

to Bob #1499288

They lied to you..I called them just a few days ago and they said they have NO REPORTS..wouldn't YOUR report have shown up? My car just gets worse every day.

It is practically brand new. Subaru told me that it is not their problem and I should be careful when driving around trucks..are you kidding me?


Same issue here... even chip on side panel...


I'm having the same issue with my 2018 Crosstrek (Sunshine Orange). There's so many pain chips. I've never had this issue with any other vehicles paint.


Go to your dealer and make a formal complaint and also to subaru of America. You are not alone.

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