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I have had several problems with my 2016 Outback, and the Subaru Corporate response is terrible.

1) Stuck at a gas station unable to put gas in because of a defective fuel door that was a known issue to Subaru. When I asked customer service if there had been a notice sent out to owners I was told "we don't notify customers unless there is a recall, and this is just a minor inconvenience".

This happened again 6 months later because the replacement part was also defective, and again Subaru did not think it necessary to notify owners.

2) My battery died after 2 1/2 years. After getting a new battery (Subaru only covered part of the cost) I lost my audio and all infotainment screen controls.

The problem was a needed software update that Subaru knew about and did not notify customers.

3)I received letters for both of our Subarus that extended the transmission warranty by 1 year. There is a defect in the Subaru CVT transmission that can cause the car to stall at any time. Despite the dangers, Subaru did not think a recall was cost effective for them. If the CVT fails after warranty, even though it's defective, the owner pays thousands of dollars for repair and possible medical treatment.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Subaru Of America Outback Car.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I also had to replace the battery at 2 and a half years, and am having trouble with the key not releasing from the ignition after the car is in park. Dealer said he know of the problem and it is not covered by warranty.

Lots of 2016 Outback’s seem to have this problem and it is a $200 part and $150 to install it.

It seems to only affect 2016 Outback’s, just like the battery failing at 2 and a half year. Guess I need to buy a different brand car.

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