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My husband and I have been proud owners of a Subaru vehicle since 2006. In 2012 we liked the brand so much we traded it our 2006 for a 2012 model.

Now comes the sad ugly truth.

We live in Corpus Christi Texas and have had to rely on the Subaru service center here for servicing our loved vehicle. Each time we have had it in the service center here we end up having to make several trips back because they did not put parts back together correctly or there was another issue. On Sunday August 12, 2018 while driving around running errands the check engine light symbol came on as well as the antiskid light symbol and the cruise light started flashing. We had to take off work Monday August 13, 2018 to get the car to the shop and get serviced.

Mind you we had it up at the service center first thing in the morning and by Noon we still had not heard back from a technician or manager. So we had to call and find out what the status was and 30 minutes later the manager called and said it was a dirty fuel injector and they would have it done in another hour, so that killed a whole workday. Lo and behold 4 days later the exact same thing happened, and we still have not heard back from the Corpus Christi Subaru dealer today after having to take off and take it back for diagnosing the problem.and at this point have no faith that they know what they are doing and are just guessing so they can keep charging us more money.

We have now come to the determination that it is best if we trade in our Forrester for another brand of car that has a better service rating as well as competent service staff to maintain our vehicle which we as owners have always done faithfully. :shock

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car Repair.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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