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I purchased my first subaru in december of 2014, this was a pre-owned 2010 Subaru Legacy 2.5i CVT transmission. After the papers were signed and the car was mine I started to deal with issues that resembled a standard auto transmission failing... This scared me, but the dealer I bought it from seen nothing wrong and stated this is "normal" for CVT's... NO WAY... After doing hours of research online I seen that this is a problem that is WAY to common with multiple cars from 2010 up to 2015 and not just one model multiple models. The car itself is like brand new, but when driving I noticed a *** in my transmission especially when slowing down and also in traffic. I researched the process on doing a "Drain and Fill" on the transmission as this is what I have done with so many cars in the past and it usually fixes the issue. After reading everything and bouncing back to SOA they refer to this CVT as "A Maintenance Free Sealed Transmission," and to me if a company like this that "strives" on quality it should be something we can trust especially when we are paying thousands of dollars to purchase these vehicles. Being that it is supposed to be "maintenance free," that should mean no Fluid changes no hassles... Well, there was another posting I read off of a forum of a person with the exact same issue and they mentioned that SOA is full of bologna, you NEED to maintain your CVT to keep it performing how it should... Okay, that brought a real bitter taste to my mouth being that I have ALWAYS wanted and loved Subarus. Couldn't really be too mad because the car is still the best car I've owned, even though now I will be forced to pay $200+ at the stealership to do a fluid change which from the research I did will NOT fix the issue just smooth it up a tiny bit which I am not a fan of paying more $$$ for something that isn't even a guaranteed fix. So basically to sum everything up I have these issues:

1: In traffic and slowing down the transmission jerks and makes a clunk noise (AC on makes it 10x worse)

2: After slowing down to a stop the car's RPM drops to about 500 which is REALLY low to the point it feels as if it will stall.

3:They are not offering any kind of recall or help for us paid consumers knowing that there are THOUSANDS of people with this same issue...

All the problems I have with this car have all basically been spelled out by lots of research as "CVT Issues"...

This used to be my favorite mfg for vehicles, but if there is nothing done to help us thousands of people out I will for sure NEVER buy from that company again. I mean come on we are paying 20000+ for a base model vehicle (base meaning bone stock) and they are sucking in millions if not billions of dollars from us and they can't fess up to them having shotty craftsmanship because they don't WANT to issue a recall and put out more money! They are aware of these issues guaranteed, but as far as them addressing it YEAH RIGHT. Let's hope the future changes that. They may have to spend a LOT of money to replace something that THEY claimed to be "Quality" but that in the end would for SURE make their usually LOYAL customers stick with them if not it may just open thousands if not tens of thousands of peoples eyes to the money hungry corporation they may just in fact be! I'd rather take a hit at one time to keep that many people loyal to their machines because in the future those are going to be the people that come back and purchase another Subaru!

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Subaru Of America Pros: All wheel drive, Boxer engine, Look and styling.

Subaru Of America Cons: Lack of dealer knowledge, Poorly arranged manual, Poor upgrade, Lack of acknowledgment, Misleading advertising.

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To all customers of SUBARU/owners of Subaru's since the huge money making company won't stand by their workmanship and it seems they do not then IT'S time for all owners to contact the ATTORNEY GENERAL'S OFFICE and make clear your complaints also channel 5 news but all need to follow through if you do nothing you will get nothing done


Could you assist in that process, because it isn't right to be played by a company that makes billions of dollars off of us "little guys"