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Warranty on car bought on mainland and moved to hawaii

Aloha!I bought my 2013 crosstrek on the mainland, U.S.

and have since moved to Hawaii with it.

I am having some issues and they tell me my warranty isn't valid in Hawaii.How can I transfer the warranty?


Our 2009 suburu driver side seat

Hi.Love our suburu legacy.

Bought it new. For the past five years there is a gradual wearing away of upholstery I have tried sewing it shut but it keeps opening.

Can u tell me what we can do to get it fixed.I will send photo

Thank you


Subaru Customer Service

Is it normal for a 2014 Subaru Crosstrek Hybrid that is covered under warranty to be in for service for almost a month?The check engine lights came on and the have to do some work with the Hybrid system.

And no loaner vehicle for this period of time?

I am expected to make a monthly payment for a vehicle that is in the Subaru shop for a month?I expected so much more from my first Subaru experience.


Tune-Up for Subaru

Just curious....I have a 2012 Outback Automatic 4-cylinder. I do bring it in for recommended oil changes & service @ the dealer where I bought it. When would it need a tune-up?


100,000 miles.


Regarding Subaru Impreza

My Impreza has the check engine light to come on and when that happens the cruise light flashes on and off the entire time the car is running.I have had the car checked twice and when they do a reset it goes off for about a month and then it comes back on doing the same thing.

Also when the lights come on the car when started will start no problem however it feels like it is going to die until you give it some gas and then it will go to idle regular.

Do you have any suggestions of what I can ask our local dealer who works on the car to check.Thanking you in advance for your response.


recommended oil - 2017 outback

what engine oil comes with a new ,,,, 2017 subaru 6 cylender outback ie 5w30 synth, 5w30 conventi...?


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