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Lights on my Subaru

U am very disappointed in the fact that I have to replace light bulbs Constantly in my 2013 outback! It is literally breaking me.

It costs me $50.00 a headlight. And $42.00 for the others.

Its happening every 3 to 4 months. Can you tell me why?


Tire issue

I have to replace a tire due to road hazard. The tire can't be fixed.

I bought 4 new tires less than 5 months ago from a tire store for my 2014 Forester. My dealership is telling me the new tire has to be shaved to match the tread depths of the other tires. However, no one does that in Southern California. I've called more than 20 tire stores.

The tire store I purchased the tires from can get me a replacement but my dealership won't send it out to get shaved. They will only do that for tires that are purchased through them. My dealership can't get the same tire and offered to find a different manufacturer and model or replace all 4 tires. I told them that is not acceptable.

They told me I can buy two new ones and put them on the back then make sure those rotate together. If AWD vehicles require all the tread depths of the tires to be within a certain % then it should be easier for customers to replace one that gets damaged.

If I have to get 2 new tires and put them on the back, will that potentially damage my drivetrain? Also, if the tread pattern on the tires is different will that potentially damage the drivetrain or cause other issues?


Starlink map installer download problem

Following the instructions in an email from Subaru, I have been trying to update my Starlink map. I got to the download map installer for Windows and clicked on it (lots of times) but nothing has happened.

I checked my Download folder and there is nothing new there.

So, how do I download the map installer for Windows? Thanks for the help, I hope.


Need your help

I do not have a complaint but am somewhat upset because I am not able to find the Subaru that would like to purchase and I hope you can assist me. I have owned several Subaru Outbacks, presently a 213 Limited 3.6R.

My family also has and continues to own several Subarus--together we presently are driving nine}. I would like to purchase a newer Outback lImited 3.6 (2016-17-18) I have been contacting area dealers and searching the internet to find such a vehicle, but have had little success. I wonder if you can help me in this regard. Do you know how I can bring my search fruition?

I will appreciate any assistance you can provide.

Honestly,I cannot fathom driving anything but a Subaru. I wish I were in a position to purchase a 2019 but unfortunately, at 79 yrs.,I am not in a financial position to do so.


Importing Subaru from Canada.

I'm would like to purchase a new Crosstrek with manual shift and a sunroof. My only options are an aftermarket sunroof installed and warranted through the dealer, or to buy one in Canada and bring it to the US. Would the after market weaken the structure (I was told no), and would an import meet US standards (emissions, safely etc.)?



How can I find out what it covered under my warranty? 2015 Subaru outback Loan # 11728418394204


paint coming off my car

I am having problems with the paint coming off the hood of my red outback and fading off the tailgait. It is a 2014, my first Subaru after years of owning Hondas.

As much as we love the car and that it is out of warrenty I would like to know what options I have.

We even paid a thousand dollars for a paint protection package (z-tech). I have not taken it to the dealer yet as I thought I would speak to you first.


Questions regarding reason for denial of service

I had my windshield recently repaired with GEICO and they recommended I go to Subaru for recalibration if my eyesight cameras.

Once there, I was told that my eyesight could no be recalibrated due to the windshield not being a Subaru windshield.

I would like to confirm if this is true.


Do you accept Carshield warranty

Do you accept partial warrantee for a vehicle repairs? If so at which location near Carmel New York


2019 Ascent towing

If you're towing over a 1000 lbs camper does the ascent equipped with hitch need an additional brake control installed?


Need a question answered, warranty

I just need to know if installing a subwoofer and amp will void my warranty


Air oil seperator

Can you have an oil air separator installed on a 2018 crosstrek to help with carbon buildup on intake valves because of direct injection without voiding the warranty? Don't understand why you wouldn't use a system like Toyota which uses port and direct injection to resolve the carbon issue, all you've done is cause a lot of problems for an increase of a measly 4 hp


2018 impressa

I am thinking of purchasing a new Impressa in Maryland US and next year importing the car into Canada. Does the US standards meet Canadian requirements?


Finding my car

A dealership that might have this vehicle in Northern California or Nevada Looking for a Forster exterior grey interior Gray Needs to be leather interior with power rear gate and navigation and eyesight plus adaptive cruise Control Dealer in Northern California or Nevada


Black Edition Forester

Hello and good day! I have been trying to see a Black Edition Forester with a dark gray body or black.

What dealerships have are silver and white, and I end up being offered with either of these.

In the first place, they do advertise that they have the dark ones! Do you really produce these 2 dark colors for your Black Edition?


Cruise control settings on my 2018 outback touring !

Why can’t I set cruise control at 1mph intervals? It only goes by 5mph intervals.

Real F***ing stupid. Would not have bought the vehicle if I were aware of this problem. It’s only a matter of time till I get a speeding ticket. Can’t set at 62mph or 72mph with out a lot of hassle.

Causing eyes off road. Great SAFETY engineering Subaru Ronald W Feher 916 Prescott Avenue Endicott NY 13760 Vin:4S4BSETC5J3251002


If you push the button lighter is will go by 1mph intervals. Read your owners mamual next time.....


Email sent

I sent an email on 12/19 or 12/20 about issues I am having with my 2015 outback, regarding accident, I am trying to retrieve this but cant, how can I do this, also waiting for a call back from corporate placed today 12/28 Told by my dealer to call there.


Dripping fluid front engin dept

My 2013 outback 2.5 seems to have drip of fluid near front radiator or compressor,more so, on passenger side. Is this moisture from a condensate tank release?

Radiator is full. Am in southern ca.

On a trip-does this warrant immediate attention? Had service in oct.


Extended warranty

In 2016 on you request I paid for 3 years extended warranty on my Subaru Forester 2015 , I need confirmation of payment and contract for my use. Vecicle id JF2SJGDCOFH433588.

I have confirmation from my bank that sent checks was cashed by you, on request I can send to you.

Please attend to my request as I may need this warranty papers in near future. Thank you.


Automatic Garage Door Opener

I cannot find instructions in the owner's manual to my 2016 Subaru Legacy on how to program the automatic garage door opener in the car to my Genie garage door opener. I called the dealer and they said there are no instructions because all openers are different.

What kind of answer is that?!

How can I use the automatic opener in the car? I have searched the manual page by page to no avail.


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