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On Thursday, March 8th, at 04:30 in the a.m., my car automatically lock while it was running. I couldn’t get back in to the house.

My bag was in the locked, running car. I did have my cell phone in my pocket. I tried to communicate with starlink via live chat to remotely unlock my car. At some point I was told to call Subaru.

I asked for a number to call. I don’t recall getting any number to call. I tried my Uber app, but it was asking for updated payment info. My wallet was in the locked car.

My brother had to get permission to leave work to unlock my door to the house. Monday I made SEVERAL calls to Subaru/ starlink. A Subaru employee told I called Subaru, try starlink. Starlink told me for an additional $78.00, I could get remote unlock.

No one said bring the car in to check the locks. The morning I was locked out, no one told me the roadside assistance number was in the drivers window. Someone from starlink said the my Subaru app was what I needed to use.

I don’t think I got any help from starlink or Subaru. I have both apps, but neither seem to have an easy way to remotely unlock my car.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Roadside Assistance.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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I still don’t know what to do if I need my car unlocked remotely. I requested a new key, covered under portfolio contract.

I left voicemails and responded to emails. Never addressed. Made another appointment to get the key. Key not there.

Rescheduled, and wAs called 4 days later to make an appointment.

Went for the appointment and Subaru was not sure if it could be programmed without interfering with the auto start. Then I got a call and email that I missed my appointment!!!!!