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When we decided to buy the last car we will probably ever own, my husband insisted we purchase aSubaru as the previous three he had owned had been outstanding. We spent the very last of our savings on a 2016 Crosstrek because we absolutely have to have safe, reliable transportation. We are in a remote area and the Crosstrek seemed tobe the best choice. The high ground clearance was perfect for accessability for my husband's disability limitations. It was perfectly comfortable for him. We thought we had made the right decision.

When the car was only two years old we had to replace the heater blower motor. Yes, it was covered by the warranty, but it made me wonder what issues would arise as soon as the warranty expired.

This past year we have had to use Roadside Assistance to have the car jump started. No, it was not because something was left on. I have been extremely cautious since the first time we had to call. I took the car to Auto Zone and they tested the battery as bad. Our dealership apologized but said the battery did not fail their tests so there was nothing they could do.

Research has indicated that this is not an uncommom problem with Subaru. Like other owners we gave in and replaced the original battery with a superior battery which we hope will resolve the problem.

I am really disappointed in Subaru at this point. The long reputation for quality, safety and service now means nothing to me. Has the commitment to quality been discarded by the corporation? I regret not doing more research before making this purchase. Had I known of the battery issue I would certainly dug deeper into Subaru quality.

We are now in posession of a vehicle we can not trust or rely on. We can not afford to replace what I am concerned may well be a lemon. I hope that our experience is not common. And, I do hope we do not have to come to rely on our children who are not closeby in emergencies, or worse, for every day transportation.

Bj and Frederic Bennett

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Subaru Of America Crosstrek Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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Nothing out of the ordinary. Complaint denied.


Sounds like your own paranoia. Mechanical and electrical failures do occur and normal people deal with them.