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I purchased a new 2018 Subaru Forester on August 31 from these people and on day 1, it had a radio problem, I took it in. They "analyzed" it and said they would get a new radio.

I took it back in and they said they fixed it but THEY LIED! I have contacted them numerous times, but they never respond to phone calls or emails. I have called SUBARU of America and so far nothing yet. NEVER EVER go to this dealership.

They are totally dishonest and the service center is incompetent. Read the whole story below.I

I am writing you because I just had a phenomenally bad experience in your maintenance shop. I believe in late September, we had stopped at the Subaru dealership because we were having an issue with our new Subaru. The main issue was that the radio was not functioning correctly.

The sound on the radio would be set and it would go down to whisper and come back loud then after a few minutes before down to a whisper and back to loud. This was to say more than a little irritating. And went on and on like this forever so finally we stopped at the Subaru dealer and talked to the maintenance people. They took in our car and they did some evaluations which took about an hour and a half.

They came back and they said the radio was bad. We replicated your problem and they were going to order us a new radio. They said once it arrived, they would call us and then we were to make an appointment. They would then install the new radio.

Well they called about a week later and said the radio was in. I scheduled an appointment for October 11 at 10 AM. On October 11, Thursday, the new hurricane Michael was just about to arrive. We decided to show up early at the Subaru dealership.

We got there at about 9:40AM. We checked in and we were told that would take about an hour, so we sat in the waiting room. Well we were one of the first to arrive. People came and went and people came and went.

We were there until about 11:10. I got up and looked into the garage. They were first driving our car in. It had been parked outside in the hurricane.

It was now 11:15. Outside the storm was starting up. I talked to Steve Anderson and he said it will only take a short time. So then we waited and waited and waited.

It was now past noon and they were moving our car from one bay to another. Finally it appeared that they were beginning to work on it... I was now about 12:30 and we again waited... Steve Anderson went back to the man who was supposedly working on our car and asked him a few questions.

Steve Anderson stopped in the waiting area and said to us that it will only be a short time now. Well we waited and we waited and we waited It was now 1:00PM then it was 1:15PM. Finally we were told that the car was ready. .We now were the last people in the waiting room.

.Everybody else got through and not us. We got up and they drove the car outside, not even inside or insight. Now we are in the midst of the storm. The storm is now at its peak.

Well… we pulled our stuff together and signed off the work order. I discussed with Steve Anderson the reason for the tremendous delay. Why did it take so long and why did they wait so long to even get started working on it? I asked him if the radio was replaced.

He said “NO”. He said “We just changed a part.”. I said you told me that you are going to install a new radio. He said he didn’t think he said that.

I said we were the first to come in at 9:40AM and now we are the absolute last to leave at nearly 1:30PM. That’s terrible performance and horrific customer service. I asked him “Would take that long for an oil change?” and he said “probably”. I then asked “Where is the car?” He said outside.

I said drive it inside. He replied “Okay we can do that” Well after all this waiting for 31/2 hours we wanted to check out the car, before he left, just see if all the parts were still in place. We got in the car and it now was 1:30. We drove the car out into the hurricane or topical storm Michael.

We drove home, but on the way home we listened to the radio and guess what? We discovered that the radio was no different then before, The sound problem still existed only it had only improved slightly. At home discovered the seat belt chime warning now did not work. It had worked before the “service people” got their hands on it and we found broken plastic pieces on the floor .To say that we were upset is just a mild expression of anger.

We are disgusted with the service.

We repeatedly contacted them by phone and email and never received a response. Now we have contacted “Subaru of America”.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car Repair.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $1500.

Subaru Of America Cons: Service department and the warranty work on a new car.

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