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Subaru seems to randomly cover or not cover engines in the STi model that break piston ringlands. I had to get quite hostile to finally get reimbursed for my first one, which went at 1,987 miles. I'm SOL on my 2nd one at 9900 miles and they say that there is no mechanical or manufacturing issue involving this model. Yet at least hundreds of people are having these engines break ringlands and often go on to chug all of their oil because of the resulting blowby until they have spun rod bearings because the oil got consumed so quickly they had no idea the car was in trouble. The Chuck Engine Light won't come on until the car is overheating because of the spun bearing.

I've been blamed for both of my blown engines, with "neglect" the reason cited the most. Neglect, indeed. I have my own friggin' lift, around a dozen oil filters for this car, (and the same for any other car I own), a $25k Snap-On roller cabinet, use Motul 600 brake fluid, that gets a little flushed out of the system anytime I put the car on the lift, a shelf full of gallon bottles of Castrol GTX in varying viscosities, Snap-On tools, etc, etc, etc.

I don't exactly have the trappings of a guy who neglects cars.

And I've had 1 new WRX and 2 new STi's prior to the 08 and never had any trouble with the previous ones, yet I and many others are having problems with the 08 and later STi's. And somehow the guy who is probably the best equipped to service them regularly, and who does so with almost religious fervor is one of the minority who gets the car shoved where the sun don't shine when something goes wrong.

My car was in the shop 39 days this last time, making it a slam-dunk Lemon Law issue, and I can make it more so if not for the fact they removed and tore down the engine after I specifically told them not to, since one needn't tear down the engine to determine a ringland is broken. So if I could drive it up there, I'm sure it'd take a while for them to replace the right side low-beam (those are $90, which I didn't know was covered under warranty until I'd already replaced one) and the steering column that seems no longer attached to anything so if the car ran, it would be excessively dangerous to drive.

Subaru of America will host you on this car if they feel they have a chance of doing so. Please do NOT buy one of them. There are two kinds of 08+ STi owners. Those who regret their purchase, and those who will sooner or later regret their purchase.

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Subaru Outback 2.5i Limited 4 cylinder AWD CVT 2016 has same issue I would like to file or join a class action lawsuit over the cracked piston rods for Subaru Outback all the lawsuits i see are not for Subaru Outback


Learn to spell and understand that spun rod bearings don’t cause an overheating issu.


Pass this along.



The engine blew in my 2015 Wrx limited at 22,000 miles. My car was totally stock yet if had two cracked piston rods, (ring land failure) I think?

The dealership replaced the small block under warranty, but had no explanation for what caused my engine to fail. I asked SOA for a buy back they denied. Then I asked for an extended warranty, they denied that as well.

I now have a Lemon Law attorney. I will never buy another Subaru!!!!


2015 Forester XT Premium ... Recent recall performed and local dealer acted shady when I asked for letdown results .

A week and a half later they emailed the results and I have a 14% average per cylinder blow by . The service manager said the engineers say that ok ... Who are they trying to fool .

There is a class action lawsuit against subaru for this very reason . Defective piston landings and defective short block on the boxer engine .


Subaru needs to step up because they have serious issues with blown motors. They're eventually gonna be forced to have a recall and pay up anyways.

Why Not save your reputation in the interim.

Search around Subaru is having multiple class action lawsuits now!


You sound like an "Expert witness" if you get my drift.


My 2009 STI also had broken ringland on piston #4 with only 1632 miles

Soooo f**k*n* mad because it was not covered under warranty, because of my new exhaust!!!!

Thx a lot. BeechMont Subaru


I would have to say that's driver error everybody thinks beside the have a wrx or a wrx sti that they have some kind of Ferrari it's not its a turbo awd car doesn't mean it's a race car but *** people like yourself see turbo and think you need to race everything u see on the street if you would drive it like it's supposed be driven u prolly wouldn't have problems There's thousands of satisfied people with wrxs that don't have problems


Who the *** is this ***? How would you drive a rally sport car? I have a 2013 sti that spun a bearing at 4000 miles and my car has never been moded at all and subaru has denied my warranty so shut the *** up because I'm now one of those pissed customers


Having (purposely, mind you) spelled it "Chuck" instead of "Check" is reason to doubt the veracity of my post? I think not.

We serious gearheads have started calling them "Chuck engine lights" in the 08+ STi because, as I'd posted, in at least one catastrophic scenario an error isn't thrown until after the damage is done.

Time to chuck the engine and get another.

I got my CEL not because the car had guzzled its oil and not even because the absence of oil was making the pump suck air like nobody's business, but got it because the seized rod bearing raised temps enough for the coolant to heat up. By the time the computer decided to tell me we might have a problem, I was already shutting down because I could hear a rod trying to exit the block.


I am wary of this review. The spelling is horrible - "Chuck Engine Light"

I did not know they had these. Is it next to the "CHECK" engine light or in a different place?

Two blown engines??? Can I watch you drive?