Las Vegas, Nevada

The check engine light, cruise light and anti skid light are on. The MPG guage swings back and forth like a pendullem.

This will be the third time the vehicle has been to the dealer for this and other things. It is only THREE months old. When I had a question about sirus satellite radio two dealers said I had to buy an additional "shark fin" antenna to get sirus radio. This is not true I found out just another scam.

The Forester is extremely under powered!!! They need to have a six cylinder with about 250 horsepower. With a four banger it has no power especially going up a hill. There are no lights for adjusting your mirror so it must be done by brail.

Glove compartment doesn't have a light so finding something small in there is by brail also.

Dealer I purchased the car from was to busy to set up the radio so I could try the sirus satellite channels while I was there. Not impressed with the vehicle or service so far.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car.

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