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After writing this review the service manager apologized profusely, and was a complete professional. Tom made it right and treated us fairly. We simply wanted communication and he more than made up for it and we have our vehicle back in solid running condition.

After he apologized and resolved the situation I would gladly recommend Subaru on Atlantic boulevard and have nothing but great things to say about the service staff.

Original review posted by user Jan 26, 2015

My wife and I have an 04 legacy wagon. August of 2014 her motor startwd to display a heavy idle which turned out to be two blown cylinders #1 and #3 so both rear cylinders. We took it to a shop which I used to work at "Tires Plus total car care" they informed us thet couldn't do the repair. Per their suggestion we took the vehicle to Subaru on Atlantic boulevard. We took it there and they informed us they could fix the car to the sum of 5k. We said we would call around and see if another motor specialist could do the fix for less. It took us about a week of calling around and we found a place that would fix the motor. The vehicle still at the dealer ship, we contacted them and told them we were going elsewhere for the repair and we were arranging to have the car towed same day. When we arrived the car was there but no motor to be found. I inquired about it and the gentleman "Robert" who initially introduced himself as the service mamager said he was not sure and he would ask the technician the next day where it was. No call the next day, so I call them. In a very unsure tone Robert informed me the motor was taken by a junk guy 4 days prior....my vehicle was still in theor possesion during that time. We never consented to them disposing the motor nor did we sign any paperwork.

He told us it was up to us to find the motor.

Angry and upset my wife and I tried to figure out what to do and how we could afford a new motor. A few months passed and the car sat with no motor. Come November my wifes Father came down to visit and was outraged by our situation. He proceeded to contact the dealership owner directly and explained the situation. The owner said he would look into it and get back. The supposed manager Robert turned out to be a service advisor and said we gave verbal consent over the phone to dispose of the motor. Which was entierly untrue and there was no documentation to verify and they refused to look at the dealership cameras to prove their wrong doing. The owner and my Father and law came to an agreement that they would find an engine and install it for 2500 which we felt was fair, we didn't want a handout, just what was right since our motor was in disrepair . On december 22 I believe we towed the vehicle back to the dealer after the motor came it. They told us it would take about a week since the new year was coming up. That week came and went and no word from Tom the actual service manager. I calles Tom and asked the status and he informed me that they were sent the wrong motor and it would take another week. That week came and went with no word once again from Tom. I calles to inquire the status and Tom again informed me that this time the wiring harness they recieved was cut and they had to order another and it would be ready the following week. That week came and went with no word once again.

I called Tom directly and made sure he had both my mine and my wifes numbers. Still no phone call from Tom. I had to call him again asking the status,when he informed me they had to order even more parts and it would be another week. I called several times leaving my ne amd number with him directly on hos voicemail witj no response. I called the following week (4 weeks now) and Tom said it was 85% ready and it would be ready that Friday Jan 23rd 2015. No call no amswer from Tom. I called that saturday and got another gentleman who had to call Tom and ask the status. Tom told him our vehicle would be for sure ready to go Jan 26th. Today I call Tom and he proceeded to tell me that the technician had another car to deal with first and our car was not ready and the motor was not even fully assembled or in the vehicle that it would be ready at the end of the week. I told him thar was absolutly un acceptable and umprofessional. He prceeded to get an attitude with me when I told him he hasn't made us a priority and at this point I would be contacting the owner,to his response "Well that is your perogative."

Tom Horton of Subaru ob atlantic has been nothing but unprofessional to deal with. I am not sure how the sales department is operated, but the service departments customer service ans level of professionalism is deplorable.

I would never and I can't emphasize enough reccomend thar dealership to anyone I know. How that man remains a service manager is beyond my comprehension.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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