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My 2015 Subaru Legacy has all the bells and whistles and features. But it isn't obvious how to use some of them and exactly what they are for.

For example, there is an icon on the dashboard and I have no idea what it means. For example, I don't know how to verbally set navigation when I'm underway. Let's say I'm on the freeway and I want to verbally instruct the car to guide me to a particular address or place. I don't know how to do that.

Unfortunately, the owner's manual doesn't help answer these and other questions. I have tried to find answers, but it isn't user friendly, both in how it is written, the table of contents, and the index. So I have a couple of suggestions. The first is that the people writing the owner's manual have to spend time with Subaru owners.

And sending out questionnaires isn't enough. They need to talk to people and record their questions and comments. More specifically, the manual writers need to find out what the owner's themselves say they need to know about the features of the car. They need to elicit very specific examples and then sit down with the owners and watch the owners try to find the answers to their questions without coaching.

Only by doing this can the people preparing the manual learn about how actually to help people understand their new cars. In other words, the writers need to collect as many examples as they can of what people want to be able to find out from the owner's manual. One way to do this is to ask owners if there is anything they don't know about their car. You can prompt them, if necessary, by asking if they know everything they want to know about specific features of the car, such as navigation, what all the controls do, safety features, etc.

My second suggestion is not to put your manual online in PDF format. Using it is slow, clumsy, time consuming, and frustrating. In other words, the current PDF format makes it difficult to find answers. You need to have an intuitive website where owners and customers can click onto topics and subtopics.

As this is being developed, it can be tested to see if it efficiently leads to the kinds of questions owners need to be answered. It would also help to put much more work into the index to help owners find answers to what they want to know.

I realize that folks may think the owner's manual is a matter or low priority. Speaking only for myself, I find it frustrating owning a car for three years and still not understanding many of its functions and still not knowing many of the things I could do with its controls.

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