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Subaru Roadside DisService - Don't cancel your AAA

On 04/26/2018 I left work at 3 pm and my 2017 Subaru Impreza with 18,000 wouldn't start. Clicked, wouldn't start. I had cancelled my AAA I had for years when I got this new car so I pulled out my Subaru Road Service card and dialed the number.

Robo system was very long and dropped call several times.

Finally got to a customer service rep who stated my name, car, VIN were not in the system. I went through all the alternative similar sounding letters and eventually she found it.

Tells me she is sending a text to pinpoint my exact location. I was in Stanardsville, Virginia. The text linked map insisted I was in Montana and gave no other options. After attempting that several times I gave up and called back.

It was now close to 4 pm. She asked me to confirm a street address which my coworker with me did. OK, you'll get a text letting you know how long to arrival time. Shortly thereafter I got a text from Jack Rabbit USA CHAR with an ETA of 10 minutes. An hour later no sign.

I had called my Subaru dealer an hour away, they offered a loaner, just get here by 8 pm. Called back the service number several times. Provider not answering phone. Sent my son a text to look for Jack Rabbit providers. Finally got Larry at customer service for Subaru Roadside. It was 5ish. He would look into it and call back. Meanwhile I get a call from "Bubba" we'll call him. Didn't identify his company or himself. "ya need a jump?" Excuse me, who is this? "do ya need a jump or what?" My son's text came in - closest Jack Rabbitt is in North Carolina about 6 hours from where I was. I told the gentleman on the phone, just cancel this, thank you goodbye. Called back Subaru roadside service, outraged. It's been 3 hours. Got a text from Subaru roadside service. Provider reports arrived on scene and could not locate you or your vehicle. That's a lie I texted back. Larry called back and I updated him. Now he's outraged and gets me to a supervisor Shondra. After a lengthy discussion with her wasting time apologizing and reading the script niceties, I got angry, I cried, she said due to my inconvenience she authorized a different "more expensive" provider to take me and my car 20 miles passed the closest dealer (with a not so great reputation, which I drove passed to get my car) at no charge. Great. At 6 ish pm I get a text from ACS Towing with ETA 40 mins. I google and call ACS. Nice gentleman answers, told him I needed to know his physical location. He and his office are over an hour away. His driver is closer, about an hour from me, gassing up his truck and this man assured me his driver would get to me, load up my car and get us to the Staunton Subaru dealer to drop off and get my loaner before 8 pm. Robert showed up at 745 pm apologizing for the delay, but his boss, the guy I talked to, had to drive an hour to him with the key in order for him to gas up the truck. His boss had lied to me.

It is 4 hours and 30 minutes since I initiated this service call. We have 15 mins to get the car loaded on a flat bed, and drive what google says is 1 hour 4 mins to the dealer. How am I going to get home, and back there again the next day for the loaner? I said you can go ahead and load the car, I can't leave it here, but I am waiting on a call back from the supervisor Shondra to see if she just wants me to go home in a cab, stay the night in a hotel in Staunton, or some other plan. He says "call another tow company, I don't get paid enough for this *** and he got in his truck and left. It's 8 pm. Shondra was going to "work on it and call back in a few minutes." Now 5 hours since I first called, I started calling the 1 800 service number, telling the agent either transfer me to Shondra or write in the notes for this case "Shondra, I'm still waiting, it's been 5 hours, it's dark, I am all alone". I thanked the agent hung up and called back. I got through 3 or 4 agents before Shondra called me back. She found someone local 20 mins away, who would come now, load up the car, take me home and take me and the car to Staunton Subaru Dealer in the morning.

Mr Williams from Williams Garage in Barboursville Virginia called a while later. He was getting in his truck 20 mins away. He arrived at 9 pm. Shondra had kept him on the phone almost a half an hour haggling over price. Darrell Williams was professional, pleasant, kind and immediately began working on loading the car, "we can talk when we drive, let's get you home as soon as we can, we can stop somewhere on the way if you need to get something to eat, I hear you've been here for hours".

SIX HOURS Subaru Road Service left me and my ONE YEAR OLD dead car on the side of the road.

To top it off, as we were driving down the road Shondra called back Mr. Williams to renege on the agreement/payment they had made for him to come get me. He was to pick up me and the car, store the car at his garage overnight, take me home and then take the car and me to the dealer the next day. Now he is to take me and the car home and I am to call the 1 800 number in the morning to get towing arranged all over again.....because she couldn't get authorization for payment. I told her the local news, Facebook, the Subaru website would all know about this experience and she should pay him double his prices for having to pick up after no less than 2 other terrible companies she sent were neither polite, honest nor helpful. She would be in at 9am in the morning. I was livid. How dare you! I told her, how dare you nickle and dime this man now. She would call us back.

We drove passed the turn for his garage and he said he was taking me home anyway and he'd leave the car there. Maybe he'd get paid something. We wondered if she was going to call back. I just knew Shondra was going to try to put me through this nonsense all over again the next day.

After over an hour we had unloaded my car and she had not called back. I called 1 800 again and asked to be transferred to Shondra. She was gone for the day without calling beck to me or Mr. Williams. Raquel got me another supervisor Liam. He was outraged and, even though it seemed to take a long time talking, authorized Mr. Williams to stick to the original plan for full payment. However he had already loaded and unloaded the car and would have to do that again in the morning. Liam stated the car could not stay at my house, had to be at the towing garage or the dealer/mechanic place. Shondra knows that. Very confused, will look into it. I told him I didn't want to call in the morning and go through this again, I didn't trust Shondra, and I didn't want anymore *** or rude men arriving for me and my car, at my house now. Liam agreed that the car could stay, I could arrange a convenient time the next day for Mr. Williams to take me and the car to the dealer. He assured me he would have it all authorized and set up. Shondra would no longer be handling this case. It was close to 11 pm almost 8 hours since this began.

The next morning, before 8 am, I had 3 missed calls from the call-out-only number Shondra used. When I answered the next one she wanted to know I got home safe and get start looking for towing to the dealer. I told her Liam had arranged it all and she is no longer on the case, thank you goodbye.

Mr William arrived 5 or 10 minutes before the arranged time, was professional, pleasant and considerate on the drive over the mountain, and when I said goodbye I shook his hand and couldn't help hugging him as my knight in shining armor.

Valley Subaru had the loaner ready, assured me whatever was wrong with the car would be covered.

Unfortunately by late yesterday he had not been paid by Subaru Roadside service.

Subaru Road Service is worse than Comcast and Centurylink in my mind. You don't charge me, but you don't have any regard for safety or welfare of Subaru customers. If that was my 23 year old daughter, in New York city, I would have made it to her aid before Subaru Roadside service. If it was my mother, your grandmother, sister, daughter, alone on the side of the road in the heat and then as it got dark for SIX HOURS, how would you feel?

How dare you negotiate a business plan, get Mr Williams and his business vehicle out at 9 pm, cancel payment, keep him out until after midnight, close to 1 am, again the next day for 3+ hours and then decline to pay him!

Either you do not train your staff, do not provide staff electronic access to google maps or a map of reliable honest, polite towing companies in the state of Virginia, or you are so cheap and dishonest you don't intend to provide service and expect customers to give up and pay for their own towing. Subaru Roadside service is not a benefit to buying new. It is a scam and a lie in my experience.

Discipline, educate, instruct and train your staff.

Do not treat people like this

Pay Mr. Williams.

Put his business on as preferred in the state of Virginia, in the 12 counties around Charlottesville, or wherever he is willing to go.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Roadside Assistance.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

Subaru Of America Cons: Customer service relating to recall.

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OMG, I hope that doesn't happen to me when I am in an accident!!!