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Company had litigations regarding their transmission issues in Subaru cars. Instead of issuing recalls, where you know they CARE about all their customers instead of waiting for a customer to have their car STALL when driving and stop on a highway or a busy road, all they did was to say if you are under 100,000 miles and you have a transmission problem, we will give you X amount of dollars (apparently different amounts for different cases).

I have Subaru Outback 2011 and when I braked, car stalled on the road. Subaru dealership wasn't available for 5 days to look at this issue. When I called Subaru of America, he told me that transmission issues were like common colds (everyone has colds). My "case worker" gave me about 50% of the money to fix a transmission problem that was due to Subaru's defective transmission.

He said that I had 109,000 miles already and car was old...He ignored me when I said that I have maintained my car at Subaru dealership ever since I bought the car.

I have taken superb care of my Outback. If it's THEIR problem, why can't they take full responsibility and fix it?

Product or Service Mentioned: 2011 Subaru Of America Outback Car.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Preferred solution: cover cost of faulty transmission.

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