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I have had some time to calm down from my conversation with Subaru’s CSR by the name of Patricia. First, let me say Patricia is argumentative, talks over, and interrupts. I informed her that I will not continue to argue with and take another path of action.

I purchased a 2008 Subaru Impreza Hatchback. I have been extremely disappointed in the mpg in town. I know what the EPA stick states, but it isn’t close. When compared to my 2002 Legacy wagon, there is no comparison. Very poor mpg in town, on the road it is closer to the Hwy mpg by EPA. You would think with a lighter vehicle and more efficient engine settings that there would be good improvement.

Let’s review what I was told about the MPG issue by technicians at Appleway Subaru in Spokane Valley, WA. Reasons for bad MPG: 1. Oxygenated Fuel 2. Winter Season 3. Not previously mentioned, but worth noting, the engine may need break-in, then told the engine shouldn’t need break-in. Which is it? I don’t know; but I do know I get around 13-14 mpg around town.

Now, I want to draw some comparisons: My 2003 Legacy Wagon, daily routine, and the Impreza. Fact: I haven’t move from home location or work location. The Impreza is a much lighter vehicle. My daily drive routine has not changed, except I drive it less. I average approx. 10,000 miles per year. My Impreza had approx. 375 miles at purchase on Nov. 17, 2007, currently has approx 1,200 miles on the Odometer. I averaged with my Legacy approx. 22 mpg around town and approx. to 30 on the highway. On the highway, the Impreza’s gas mileage was close to the 27 mpg expected, but I don’t spend a lot of time on the highway. I would think the lower rpm settings at idle would help with the fuel efficiency, but I don’t see that or any difference after assumed engine break-in. I run Shell, 87 octane in my car and always have. So it’s not a poor grade gas.

The stand CD/Radio that comes stock, is not good at all, rather cheap sounding. Well it is cheap. I was playing the radio, it made a pop and then there was a hum on all stations. Service dept determined that it was a short in the unit. What a surprise. You can’t get seat covers from Subaru, they don’t make them, because of the air bags in the back rest of the seat. Why do they have very light colored material on the cloth seats, easy to soil and difficult to protect and look good. They should really think these things through.

Subaru really needs to think about going “Green and Hybrid” very quickly or they will lose their loyalty base. I know many people have gone to Toyota and Honda, I almost did myself. At $100 a barrel for oil, loyalty has a price. I have own a GL10, Loyale, Legacy, and now the Unimpreza. I was very happy with all previous Subaru’s. I must say, the Impreza has great safety features, but I’m assuming overall quality has suffered because of the air bag costs and affordability. It’s too bad, I have always liked Subaru.

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Well Subaru doesn't set EPA numbers, plus there is a little notation at the bottom that says the MPGs varies. NEVER go by the sticker, it's not a true representation of what you will get.

I used to sell VW and Subaru at a joint dealership and the only car I've ever seen get the sticker or BETTER was a Jetta TDI. It stickers at about 36-42, but you can get 10 more MPG on average just by driving normal.