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Update by user Oct 29, 2016

By the way, the 2017 Subaru Outback has the same ridiculous and dangerous touch screen. Anybody who gets this vehicle because it's a Subaru, beware.

Update by user Oct 29, 2016

I did not like our salesman. He was always in a bad mood.

He also gave us one price, which included driving to a distant state to pick up the car, stay overnight and drive back, and when the car (we wanted) became available locally, the dealer would not remove that addl. added on amount.

The car itself is a good drive and very comfortable. But the sound system was awful and we had to put $3000 in right away to get a local audio store to install decent sound.

The sound was nowhere near the quality my Honda coupe came with 10 years ago.

Also dangerous IS the initial message on the screen: You have to confirm that you'll drive safely by touching the screen before you can drive off. So I'm a woman at a highway stop and it's dark and late and I want to get the *** out of there and get back on the road. And I have to listen first to this little Subaru jingle, then the touch screen comes up and after driving for 50 years with no accidents, I have to hit this "Yes I confirm that I'll drive safety" and then I can drive.

Meanwhile - what if I'm in a dangerous situation and need to get going ASAP?

Ridiculous system.

This is in addition to the dangerous screen entertainment system that causes near accidents just to change the radio station - which is what my review was about. So it's very mixed.

Subaru needs to start with the dangers of this very poorly designed entertainment panel.

Then the sound system. Then maybe I'll say it was good value for the money.

Original review posted by user Oct 28, 2016

The car is good. But I'll get in an accident because of the touch screen and poorly designed entertainment panel.

1) The gas mileage reader tells you how many miles you have remaining before empty. But it stops reading at 70 mi. So I'm on the highway and it stops at 70 and I don't know that it's stopped measuring for a while, when I notice it's no longer resetting. This system should, at 70, start blinking red or some voice to tell us this number is no longer reliable. There I was on the HWY, thinking I still had 70 miles in the tank!

2) The "safer" vehicle is now actually less safe. I have found myself swerving horribly on the highway JUST to find a radio station, or just to turn off the damned radio. People will say "Can't you use the search on the wheel?" NO! That works for stations that are preset. But when you are on the hwy going from zone to zone and city to city - at 70 mph or more - that does not work. The "station" button is teeny tiny - barely larger than a tiny shirt button - and is located top right of the touch screen. That's right - it's practically on the passenger side. Now I have to lean my arm way over to find it, impossible without taking my eyes off the road, to turn that button and change stations. Then of course the "lane swerve" buzzes. Of course it will buzz. If the sound panel were designed better, like the old car radios, I might not be swerving out of my lane in the first place. Maybe a LARGER BUTTON? Maybe a larger button CLOSER TO THE DRIVER? Even the on/off button - top left - is too small. And this is the case the entire trip, because at 70 mph on the highway, what other choices do you have to find a good radio station?

Also couldn't figure out how to just turn OFF the radio! Still don't. I have to fiddle with the thing, pressing here, pressing there, all the while taking my EYES OFF THE - also increasing the hazard. Of course the only thing that keeps me alive is the "swerve lanes" buzzer. Ironic, isn't it.

The entire touch screen is a joke. The map is a joke. You can't figure out how the thing is directionally oriented. It's impossible to read, and you can't do it while you're driving at all.

Somehow just last week the screen now shows "bluetooth" every time I start up the car. How did this happen? Startup was always the "Home Screen."

And this is just the beginning.

Whoever designed this system obviously did NOT care about driver safety. Such an irony, for a vehicle billed as one of the safest.

Check out other cars and models. This touch screen - which I am now STUCK WITH - is for the birds.

This reviewer shared experience about "unsafe hen driving" and wants this business to offer any options to resolve the issue. The author is overall dissatisfied with Subaru Of America. The most disappointing about 2016 subaru of america outback car from Subaru Of America was salesman Reviewer wants customer support to reach out to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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