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My wife (Anna Dobbs) and myself (Aaron Dobbs) purchased our second Subaru this past February 2019, and we were talked into buying the upgraded Forester model (2019) with the selling point being the automatic tailgate feature (something we think we needed). Since the beginning, however, this tailgate has proved to be nothing but a major problem.

It often doesn't work, and we have personally taken it to the dealership five times (including today) -- which is a 45 minute drive for us each way -- without having the issue addressed. We get comments like, "disconnect the battery" or "Hold this button down, turn this, push that" nonsense, which is avoiding actually fixing the problem, and the recommendations from the dealership just give a temporizing quick-fix. The tailgate, no doubt, will not work again in the future, we'll have to play more games, and for a new vehicle (with under 5k miles on it), we think this is unacceptable. We are unhappy.

Apparently Subaru Headquarters has known about this for some time (we too can read online blogs and customer complaints...) but nothing seems to be done by the leadership of this automotive manufacturer to address it. Why not? Hello, customers are complaining... Anybody in Subaru going to fix this??

We thought you guys are smart?? This should be an easy-fix, many are having this problem, you are clearly avoiding the issue, and just remember, everyone is noticing... How about a little action.

People (like us) pay very good (hard-earned) money for your "product" (and we really do want to like it...), so perhaps you now can focus on fixing something that is (unequivocally) your problem. Have a Blessed Day.

Anna & Aaron.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2019 Subaru Of America Forester Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

  • Tail Gate Lift Defective
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