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Purchased a NEW 2014 Forrester. Car is in high demand and was told only a few to purchase.

They found one in our area but the problem was a manager had taken it on vacation. Now my question is, if car in such high demand why would a dealership allow a manager to take this car on vacation. Was told he would be back on Friday. Friday came and now told won't be back til Monday.

We we're told it would 1100 miles on it. My husband agreed to this (don't know why) the car actually had 1400 miles on it, when we finally picked it up. And we purchased this car as a NEW car not a DEMO. And needless to say had to change oil at 2500 miles and the dealership never even offered to do the first oil change.

Week after to get car, we get a phone call from the service department of Ganley Subaru in North Olmsted, Ohio asking us how liked their service. We never had anything done. Get Email regarding service. Contacted manager of service department to find out what they we're talking out, and we found out that the manager was responsible for damage on car.

Was told his dog attached the car and had to have passenger fender replaced. And he also hit a rock and chipped the windshield. Needless to say we asked for a copy of the service done our car, and when we received that it was even more interesting, because not only was the windshield chipped and fender replaced. The mudflaps we're replaced, rear wheel arch moldings, right front air damage, both rear doors we're scratched, replaced front air plate, replaced both air plates in front of the tires, and repaired rear bumper which was qouged and scratched.

And the real kicker is it was submitted to our service agreement and the manager got off scott free. And they do not want to work with us on any of this.

They told us they did not have a disclose and of this information to us because it was under 5% of the purchase price. So when buying a new car be sure to ask if was in an accident, especially if has some miles on it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Car.

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That's terrible! One reason why we tell the sales person that we won't take a vehicle with more than 50 miles on it.

To me, more miles is NOT a new car and we go over it with a fine tooth comb in daylight before taking it off the lot. If there was a price break that would be one thing.

It probably won't help other than to make you feel a little better but have you lodged a complaint with BBB and Angies list?

Orem, Utah, United States #709291

A car with more than 10 miles is not a new car.You made a big mistake on that purchase. However you can try and talk to the dealer and reach a compromise. The dealer can swap the car for another new one in the lot if he/she wants to help you.

Good luck.

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, United States #667111

WHY? Why would you agree to even buy this car in the first place?

You should have run out of there as soon as they fed you the "manager took it on vacation" line. In most states a car can be sold as new if it is still titled to the dealer and has less than 5 or 6 thousand miles on it.

You really should have shopped around. Every Subaru dealer has their inventory listed on their web site.

Not that far from you (Pittsburgh area), the dealers have numerous 2014 Forresters. You did not have to settle for this one junky demo -- you just had to look around a little.

to Scooter #696607

What does a Subaru dealership that is privately owned have to do with trashing Subaru of America??? Every dealership has their own policies and procedures.

You are the one that made the decision to buy it so I don't know why you feel the need to complain online about a decison that you made. As far as the oil changes goes, had you simply consulted your owners manual provided to you, you would have noticed that Foresters require oil changes every 7,500 miles, not 2,500 miles.

In regards to the damage, there is no way that a "dog attack" would have been able to be covered under the warranties. It seems like you are making alot of assumptions and then claiming them to be realitly.

to Subarucher #1019137

Corporate shill?

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