Saint Louis, Missouri
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On 06/28 I came to St. Peters Lou Fusz for estimation on painting that was coming off from 6-month-old Cross trek.

Jeff Frazier assisted me and took a car for paint estimation that he has to submit for Subaru of America for approval (which is absurd that it would be even a question that company would not cover for a 6-month-old car and it is more absurd that the paint is coming off from a new car!) He told me that by Monday which was supposed to be on the 1st he will call me and let me know they will cover the cost.

I never got a call. I call at least 10 times in the last 6 days for any answers. It took forever to get in touch even with scheduling department. After many calls, I finally got in touch with her and she tried to reach services department and she could not reach them and apologized about it.

She told me that she will make a note about . Why since the day I got this car I always have to fight with you guys for a poor customer services? Do you guys have too many customers and don’t care about it?

While I was waiting in the waiting area there was the same Subaru cross trek new for sale, I went to look the paint in the same area under the door just to see if I am the only one who has this issue, and that paint under the door was soft as well that will come off eventually as mine did. From the beginning the paint from the hood easily chips and it shows very cheap and poor quality painting,.

I don’t see any other cars` hood that are being so chipped from early on.

When I asked to do touch ups (in January) different paint dots were put on and completely ruined the hood since you can see not matching paint dots. And now on this visit I asked Jeff if he can include the hood for estimation since different paint colors are on because you guys put them there, and he said oh that will not be include because it is outside external damage. Is there anything that you guys take responsibility, or you push everything on customers? I would appreciate for someone to call me and maybe finally to take care of the car.

That would be amazingly awesome from any of your sides people; since, I am really getting tired of this poor-quality service.

I emailed twice Subaru dealership in st.peters missouri manager mick durr

I also emailed regional manager Nathan Pitchford.

And nobody is reaching me out. I am just tired of constantly fighting with this place to be taken care. I regret every bit of buying Subaru car just because of this kind of service.

Never again. I tell everyone not to buy Subaru’s and avoid these dealerships since I have a lot of outdoor people they ask me about it.

Product or Service Mentioned: Subaru Of America Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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The Great Pumpkin wanted his skin back. I can't tell from the photos whether bare metal has been exposed or the primer coat ; that would likely determine the source of the problem.

Most of the online comments condemn the orange so it's probably the problem. But if that's bare metal exposed, the problem is either the surface prep, primer, or friction from a malfitting component.


Yes I am also having the same problem with my 2018 crosstrek sunshine orange and dealer seems not to want to help there should be a recall onthis color paint

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